The ZBrush shortcuts can be intimidating for new users. The ZBrush is a sculpting application that everyone should be using. Just like Photoshop dominates the field of image editing. Zbrush software dominates in the area of sculpting.

List of ZBrush Shortcuts

There are plenty of Zbrush shortcuts to help you out with 3D animation and 3D sculpting. If you are a newbie in using Zbrush, then you must not miss these Zbrush shortcut lists. Download the Zbrush shortcuts list in PDF form.

General Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Show or Hide Zscript window H
Load Zscript Ctrl + Shift + L
Reload Zscript Ctrl + U

Sculpting and Painting Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Draw size S
Focal shift O
RGB intensity I
Z intensity U
Increase draw size by sets units ]
Decrease draw size by sets units [
On or Off edit mode T
Draw Q
Move W
Scale E
Rotate R

3D Models Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Perspective P
Floor grid Shift + P
Fit mesh to view F
Save tool Ctrl + Shift + T
Activate symmetry X
Set pivot point Ctrl + P
Snapchat a version to canvas Shift + S
List all subtools N

Popup selection Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Keyboard Shortcut
Tools F1
Brushes F2
Strokes F3
Alphas F4
Textures F5
Materials F6
Show quick menu Spacebar
Show or Hide floating palettes Tab
Projection master G

Light box & Spotlight Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Show or Hide lightbox ,
Show or Hide spotlight dial Z
Turn on or off spotlight Shift + Z

Sculpting Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Show brush popup B
Standard brush B,S,T
Smooth stronger B,S,S
Move elastic B,M,E
Mpolish B,M,P
Clip curve B,C,C
Clayline B,C,L

Stroke Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Lazy mouse L
Replay last stroke 1
Replay all recoreded strokes 2
Record stroke 3

Mesh visibility & Clip brushes Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Grow mesh portion Ctrl + Shift + X
Shrink Mesh portion Ctrl + Shift + S
Grow all mesh portion Ctrl + Shift + A
Outer ring visibility Ctrl + Shift + O

Masking Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
View mask Ctrl + H
Invest mask Ctrl + I
Mask all Ctrl + A

Others Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Load UI config file Ctrl + L
Store config file Ctrl + Shift + I
Save UI config file Ctrl + Shift + Alt + I
Cursor selective render Ctrl + R
Best preview render Shift + R
Render all Ctrl + Shift + R
Clear layer Ctrl + N
Bake layer Ctrl + B
Fill layer Ctrl + F
Remove marker Ctrl + M
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Actual size 0
Antiliased half size Ctrl + 0
Preview unified skin A
Activate Zsketch edit mode Shift + A

All these Zbrush shortcuts are very much handy and should be in every artist’s booklist even if you do not use Zbrush too often. For my point of view if you want to work smarter with Zbrush than you must use these Zbrush shortcuts.

The gaming and the film industry consider Zbrush as an essential component. The shortcuts of the most used Zbrush alternative or similar to Zbrush are also explained. Have a look at Blender shortcuts, Cinema 4D shortcuts, 3D-Coat shortcuts.

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