Keyboard shortcuts are mostly used to make your task easy and convenient. Learn Wordpad Shortcut keys. Just like the various Microsoft Window programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Many more WordPad is one of those. We can say that WordPad is an advanced version of Notepad (link) but much simpler than Microsoft Word.

Most used Wordpad Shortcut keys

WordPad Shortcut keys will allow you to carry out the task through the keyboard which would rather utilize mouse and various steps to perform the particular task. For Example, to open the New Document in WordPad you would carry out the following steps with the mouse. Go to the File Tab > Click on New. However, simply by pressing Ctrl + N shortcut key the new document will open in the WordPad.

Below are the various WordPad shortcuts keys which you must know or you must learn in order to carry out the task smoothly.

Action Wordpad Shortcut keys
Create a new document Ctrl + N
Open existing document Ctrl + O
Save changes to a document Ctrl + S
Save document as a new file F12
Print a document Ctrl + P
Close wordpad Alt + F4
Undo a Changes Ctrl + Z
Redo a changes Ctrl + Y
Select the entire document Ctrl + A
Cut a selection Ctrl + X
Copy a selection to the Clipboard Ctrl + C
Paste a selection from the Clipboard Ctrl + V
Make selected text bold Ctrl + B
Italicize selected text Ctrl + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U
Make selected text subscript Ctrl + =
Make selected text superscript Ctrl + Shift + =
Align text left Ctrl + L
Align text center Ctrl + E
Align text right Ctrl + R
Justify text Ctrl + J

Action Wordpad Shortcut keys
Set single line spacing Ctrl + 1
Set double line spacing Ctrl + 2
Set line spacing to 1.5 Ctrl + 5
Increase the font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease the font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Change characters to all capitals Ctrl + Shift + A
Change the bullet style Ctrl + Shift + L
Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing Ctrl + D
Find text in a document Ctrl + F
Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box F3
Replace text in a document Ctrl + H
Move the cursor one word to the left Ctrl + ←
Move the cursor one word to the right Ctrl + →
Move the cursor to the line above Ctrl + ↑
Move the cursor to the line below Ctrl + ↓
Move to the beginning of the document Ctrl + Home
Move to the end of the document Ctrl + End
Move up one page Ctrl + PageUp
Move down one page Ctrl + PageDown
Delete the next word Ctrl + Delete
Display keytips F10
Show the current shortcut menu Shift + F10
Open WordPad Help F1

This was a small example as to how the Shortcut keys help us to complete the task quicker and easier. It is advisable to learn shortcuts of the program you used the most so that it helps to carry out the task in an easy and timelier manner. The time has come to impress your Boss with the amazing WordPad Shortcut keys.

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