Do you know how to use Windows Keyboard Shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of two or more keys in order to avoid mouse use. Windows keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity heavily, also get your work done quickly, also improves efficiency. In the blog below, you will learn how quickly you can split your screen, multi-task across desktops and much more!

Below is the list of all the commonly used Windows keyboard shortcuts for every version of Microsoft Windows. Unless and until you use this shortcut in your routine, the difference won’t be seen. Also, check out for Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts.

List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Since visiting the website for learning shortcuts would be a difficulty, well download the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts here and save it for future use. Click here.

General Shortcuts

Action Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Display Help F1
Rename the selected item F2
Search for file or folder F3
Display the address bar list in file Explorer F4
Refresh the active window F5
Cycle through screen elements in a window F6
Activate the menu bar in the active app F10
Close the active item Alt + F4
Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened Alt + Esc
Display properties for the selected item Alt + Enter
Open the shortcut menu for the active window Alt + Spacebar
Back Alt + ←
Forward Alt + →
Move up one screen Alt + Page Up
Move down one screen Alt + Page Down
Switch between open apps Alt + Tab
Close the active document Ctrl + F4
Select all items in a document or window Ctrl + A
Copy the selected item Ctrl + C
Copy the selected item Ctrl + Insert
Delete the selected item Ctrl + Delete
Refresh the active window Ctrl + R or F5
Paste the selected item Ctrl + V
Paste the selected item Shift + Insert
Cut the selected item Ctrl + X
Redo an action Ctrl + Y
Undo an action Ctrl + Z
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Change the size of desktop icons Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word Ctrl + →
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word Ctrl + ←
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph Ctrl + ↓
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph Ctrl + ↑
Use the arrow keys to switch between all open apps Ctrl + Alt + Tab
Open the start screen Ctrl + Esc
Open task manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item Shift + F10
Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first Shift + Delete

Windows key Shortcuts

Action Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Open Windows Help and support Win + F1
Display or hide the Start screen Win
Set focus in the notification area Win + B
Open Charms Win + C
Display and hide the desktop Win + D
Open File Explorer Win + E
Open the Search charm and search for files Win + F
Open the Share charm Win + H
Open the Settings charm Win + I
Open the Devices charm Win + K
Lock your PC or switch people Win + L
Minimize all windows Win + M
Lock device orientation Win + O
Choose a presentation display mode Win + P
Open the Run dialog box Win + R
Open the Search charm to search Windows and the web Win + S
Cycle through apps on the taskbar Win + T
Open Ease of Access Center Win+ U
Cycle through notifications Win + V
Cycle through notifications in reverse order Win + Shift + V
Open the Search charm and search for settings Win + W
Open the Quick Link menu Win + X
Show the commands available in the app Win + Z
Temporarily peek at the desktop Win + ,
Search for PCs Win + Ctrl + F
Restore minimized windows on the desktop Win + Shift + M

File Explorer Shortcuts

Action Windows keyboard Shortcuts
Select the address bar Alt + D
Select the search box Ctrl + E
Select the search box Ctrl + F
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Close the current window Ctrl + W
Display all folders above the selected folder Ctrl + Shift + E
Create a new folder Ctrl + Shift + N
Display all subfolders under the selected folder Num Lock + *
Display the contents of the selected folder Num Lock + +
Collapse the selected folder Num Lock + –
Display the preview pane Alt + P
Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item Alt + Enter
View the previous folder Backspace
Display the bottom of the active window End
Display the top of the active window Home
Maximize or minimize the active window F11

Magnifier Shortcuts

Action Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Zoom in Win + +
Zoom out Win + –
Preview the desktop in full-screen mode Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Switch to docked mode Ctrl + Alt + D
Switch to full-screen mode Ctrl + Alt + F
Invert colors Ctrl + Alt + I
Switch to lens mode Ctrl + Alt + L
Resize the lens Ctrl + Alt + R
Exit Magnifier Win + Esc

Narrator Shortcuts

Action Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Activate current item Spacebar
Stop reading Ctrl
Read item Caps Lock + D
Start reading Caps Lock + M
Read document Caps Lock + H
Repeat phrase Caps Lock + V
Read window Caps Lock + W
Show commands for current item Caps Lock + F2
Exit Narrator Caps Lock + Esc

All of the above shortcuts will help you to speed up the task since you can keep both hands on the keyboard, without having the need to use the mouse. If you could not find the keyboard shortcuts that you wish, there are tools that will help to create your own shortcut keys on Windows.

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