Do you know about Visual Studio Shortcuts? Visual Studio is an integrated development environment. This software is used to develop programs, websites, web apps, web services, mobile services and many more. Visual Code does support 36 different program languages. The free, as well as the paid version of Visual Studio, is available. Visual Studio is also developed by Microsoft.

List of Visual Studio Shortcuts

Hence these Visual Studio Shortcuts can prove to be handy while entering, viewing and editing the code. For me, keyboard shortcuts are always at the top in my rule book to learn new software. Below is the list of all the Visual Studio Shortcuts for both Mac and Windows devices, also download the Visual Studio Shortcuts in PDF form.

Manage Visual Studio

Action Visual Studio Shortcuts
Create new project Ctrl + Shift + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Open project Ctrl + Shift + O
Add item to project Ctrl + Shift + A
Save current file Ctrl + S
Save all files Ctrl + Shift + S
Close menu Esc
Print Ctrl + P
Toggle full screen mode Shift + Alt + Enter
Close current tab Ctrl + F4
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste an item from the clipboard Ctrl + Shift + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Go to next window Ctrl + F6
Go to previous window Ctrl + Shift + F6
Diagram Ctrl + 1
Criteria Ctrl + 2
SQL Ctrl + 3
Results Ctrl + 4
Rename F2

Find & Replace and Go-to Shortcuts

Action Visual Studio Shortcuts
Find and Replace Ctrl + F
Find Next F3
Find Previous Shift + F3
Display replace options Ctrl + H
Find all preference for selected symbol Shift + F12
Find in files Ctrl + Shift + F
Stop current find in files operation Alt + F3
Find next in selected text Ctrl + F3
Find previous in selected text Ctrl + Shift + F3
Find symbol Alt + F12
Put cursor in find Ctrl + D
Incremental search Ctrl + I
Reverse incremental search Ctrl + Shift + I
Quick find symbol Shift + Alt + F12
Display navigate to dialog box Ctrl + ,
Go to line number Ctrl + G
Go to matching brace in source file Ctrl + ]
Jump to next occurrence of highlighted symbol Shift + Ctrl + ↓
Jump to previous occurrence of highlighted symbol Shift + Ctrl + ↑

Bookmarks Shortcuts

Action Visual Studio Shortcuts
Toggle bookmark Ctrl + K + K
Go to next bookmark Ctrl + K + N
Go to previous bookmark Ctrl + K + P
Go to next bookmark in folder Ctrl + Shift + K + N
Go to previous bookmark in folder Ctrl + Shift + K + P
Put focus on bookmark window Ctrl + K + W
Leave bookmark window Esc
Toggle code shortcut at the current line Ctrl + K + H
Clear all bookmark Ctrl + K + L
Show task list Ctrl + \ + T

Extend Selection Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Extend selection one character Shift + Arrow keys
Extend selection to end of the document Ctrl + Shift + End
Extend selection to beginning of the document Ctrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to next brace Ctrl + Shift + ]
Extend selection to end of line Shift + End
Extend selection to beginning of the line Shift + Home
Extend selection down one page Shift + Page Down
Extend selection up one page Shift + Page Up
Select current word Ctrl + W
Select all Ctrl + A

Tool windows Shortcuts

Action Visual Shortcuts
Put cursor in the find Ctrl + /
Open code snippet manager window Ctrl + K + B
Open macro IDE window Alt + F11
Open bookmark window Ctrl + K + W
Open call hierarchy window Ctrl + Alt + K
Open class view window Ctrl + Shift + C
Open command window Ctrl + Alt + A
Open output window Ctrl + Shift + O
Open Resuorce view window Ctrl + Shift + E
Open server explorer window Ctrl + Alt + S
Open solution explorer window Ctrl + Shift + L
Close find & Replace window Shift + Esc

Edit code Shortcuts

Action Visual Shortcuts
Delete current line Ctrl + L
Delete word to right of cursor Ctrl + Delete
Delete word to left of cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Enter blank line above cursor Ctrl + Enter
Enter blank line below cursor Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Make uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Make lowercase Ctrl + U
Comment selected text Ctrl + K + C
Uncomment selected text Ctrl + K + U
Remove white space & tabs in selection Ctrl + K + \
Format document to code formatting settings Ctrl + K + D
Format selection to code formatting settings Ctrl + K + F
Display parameter required for selected method Ctrl + Shift + Space
Transpose word to right of cursor Ctrl + Shift + T
Transpose character left and right of cursor Ctrl + T
Transpose line Shift + Alt + T

Collapse Items Shortcuts

Action Visual Shortcuts
Collapse or Uncollapse current preset area Ctrl + M + M
Collapse or Hide current selection Ctrl + M + H
Collapse declaration bodies Ctrl + M + O
Collapse all Ctrl + M + A
Uncollapse all Ctrl + M + X
Collapse HTML tag Ctrl + M or Ctrl + T

IntelliSense and Code Helper Shortcuts

Action Visual Shortcuts
Autocomplete word from completion list Ctrl + Space
Show parameter info Ctrl + Shift + Space
Display symbol declaration Ctrl + F12
Display symbol definition F12
Open Intellisense completion list Ctrl + J

Build and Debug Shortcuts

Action Visual Studio Shortcuts
Build solution F6
Rebuild solution Ctrl + Alt + F7
Cancel build process Ctrl + Pause Break
Show error list Ctrl + \ + E
Toggle breakpoint F9
Insert new function breakpoint Ctrl + B
Start debugging F5
Debug or step into F11
Debug or step over F10
Debug or step out Shift + F11
Debug or run to cursor Ctrl + F10
Show Quickwatch window Ctrl + Alt + Q
Set current statement to be the next executed Ctrl + Shift + F10
Show next statement Alt + *
Show exception dialog box Ctrl + Alt + E
Toggle between disassembly and user code view Ctrl + F11
Stop Debugging Shift + F5
Bypass Debugging Ctrl + F5
Show attach to process window Ctrl + Alt + P

Visual Studio shortcuts will enhance your working speed and reduce the headache of using the mouse again and again. Hence, to write code faster in Visual Studio shortcuts are more reliable than using the mouse.

Do not mix Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. They both are different. Visual Studio Code is basically a text editor whereas Visual Studio is primary a code editor program. Besides Visual Studio Shortcuts, also have a look at the Visual Studio Code shortcuts.

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