Download Cheat Sheet on Visual Studio Code Shortcuts. Visual Studio Code as the name itself suggests an application basically designed to carry out work in relation to code. This software is basically used by developers to fasten their working speed, improve efficiency and performance. Keyboard Shortcuts of Visual Studio Code can be termed as an alternative way of using the software.

List of Visual Studio Code Shortcuts

Below are the various Visual Studio Code Shortcuts categorized into the following categories: Editing Shortcuts, Navigation Shortcuts, Search and Replace Shortcuts, Language Editing Shortcuts, File Management Shortcuts, Display Shortcuts and many more. Also, Download all these Shortcuts in PDF.


Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Move line up Alt + ↑
Move line down Alt + ↓
Copy line up Shift + Alt + ↓
Copy line down Shift + Alt + ↑
Delete line Ctrl + Shift + K
Insert line below Ctrl + Enter
Insert line above Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Jump to matching bracket Ctrl + Shift + \
Indent line Ctrl + ]
Outdent line Ctrl + [
Go to beginning of line Home
Go to end of line End
Go to beginning of file Ctrl + Home
Go to end of file Ctrl + End
Scroll line up Ctrl + ↑
Scroll line down Ctrl + ↓
Scroll Page Up Alt + Page Up
Scroll Page Down Alt + Page Down
Collapse region Ctrl + Shift + [
Uncollapse region Ctrl + Shift + ]
Collapse all subregions Ctrl + K then Ctrl + [
Uncollapse all subregions Ctrl + K then Ctrl + ]
Collapse all regions Ctrl + K then Ctrl + 0
Uncollapse all regions Ctrl + K then Ctrl + J
Add line comment Ctrl + K then Ctrl + C
Remove line comment Ctrl + K then Ctrl + U
Toggle line comment Ctrl + /
Toggle block comment Shift + Alt + A
Toggle word wrap Alt + Z


Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Show all symbols Ctrl + T
Go to line Ctrl + G
Go to file Ctrl + P
Go to symbol Ctrl + Shift + O
Show problems panel Ctrl + Shift + M
Go to next error or warning F8
Go to previous error or warning Shift + F8
Navigate editor group history Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go back Alt + ←
Go forward Alt + →
Indent line Ctrl + ]
Toggle tab moves focus Ctrl + M


Action Visual Code Shortcuts
Show command palette Ctrl + Shift + P
Quick open Ctrl + P
New window Ctrl + Shift + N
Close window Ctrl + Shift + W

Search and Replace

Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Find Ctrl + F
Replace Ctrl + H
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Select all occurences of find match Alt + Enter
Add selection to next find match Ctrl + D
Move last selection to next find match Ctrl + K then Ctrl + D

Rich language editing

Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Trigger suggestion Ctrl + Spacebar
Trigger parameter hints Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Emmet expand abbreviation Tab
Format document Shift + Alt + F
Format selection Ctrl + K then Ctrl + F
Go to definition F12
Peek definition Alt + F12
Open definition to the side Ctrl + K then F12
Quick fix Ctrl + .
Show references Shift + F12
Rename symbol F2
Replace with next value Ctrl + Shift + .
Replace with previous value Ctrl + Shift + ,
Trim trailing whitespace Ctrl + K then Ctrl + X
Change file language Ctrl + K then M

Multi Cursor and Selection

Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Insert cursor Alt + Click
Insert cursor above Ctrl + Alt + ↑
Insert cursor below Ctrl + Alt + ↓
Undo last cursor operation Ctrl + U
Insert cursor at end of each line Shift + Alt + I
Select current line Ctrl + I
Select all occurrences of current selection Ctrl + Shift + L
Select all occurrences of current word Ctrl + F2
Expand selection Shift + Alt + →
Shrink selection Shift + Alt + ←

File Management

Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
New file Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Save all Ctrl + K then S
Close Ctrl + F4
Close all Ctrl + K then Ctrl + W
Reopen closed editor Ctrl + Shift + T
Keep Open Ctrl + K then Enter
Open next Ctrl + Tab
Open previous Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Display Shortcuts

Action Visual Studio Code Shortcuts
Toggle full screen F11
Toggle editor layout Shift + Alt + 1
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Toggle sidebar visibility Ctrl + B
Show explorer Ctrl + Shift + E
Show search Ctrl + Shift + F
Show Git Ctrl + Shift + G
Show Debug Ctrl + Shift + D
Show Extensions Ctrl + Shift + X
Replace in files Ctrl + Shift + H
Toggle search details Ctrl + Shift + J
Open new command prompt Ctrl + Shift + C
Show output panel Ctrl + Shift + U
Toggle markdown preview Ctrl + Shift + V

The major reason for using Visual Studio Code is because it is light in weight and open much faster than the other IDEs. If you are already familiar with Android Studio Shortcuts and IntelliJ for Windows Shortcuts then you must include Visual Studio Code in your list. Visual Studio Code a new cross-platform editor, an open-source and available for free has been catching the eye of millions of people. It is one of the most loved code editing software.

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