General Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Yank (Copy) a line yy
Yank 2 lines 2yy
Yank word yw
yank to end of line y$
Put (paste) the clipboard after cursor p
Put (paste) before cursor P
Delete a line dd
Delete the current word dw
Delete current character x

Editing Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Change an entire line cc
Change to the end of word cw
Change to the end of line c$
Delete character at cursor s
Transpose two letters xp
Undo u
Repeat last command .
Replace a single character r
Join line below to the current one J

Cursor Movement Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Move left h
Move down j
Move up k
Move right I
Jump by start of words w
Jump by words W
Jump by end of words e
Jump by end of words E
Jump backward by words b
Jump backward by words B
start of line 0
First non-blank character of line ^
End of line $
Go to command G
Inserting and Appending text Insert

Visual Mode Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Start visual mode v
Move to other end of marked area o
Start linewise visual mode V
Move to other corner of block O
mark a word aw
a () block ab
a {} block aB
Inner () block ib
Inner {} block iB
Exit Esc

Visual Commands Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Shift Right >
Shift Left <
Copy marked text y
Delete marked text d
switch case ~

Search and Replace Shortcuts

Action Vim Shortcuts
Search for pattern /pattern
Search backwards for pateern ?pattern
Repeat search in same direction n
Repeat search in opposite direction N
Replace all old with new throughout file :%s/old/new/g
Replace all old with new throughout file with confirmation :%s/old/new/gc

Others shortcuts

Action Vim Cheat sheet
Edit a file in a new buffer :e filename
Go to Next buffer :bnext
Go to previous buffer :bprev
Delete a buffer :bd
Split windows Ctrl + ws
Switch between windows Ctrl + ww
Quit a window Ctrl + wq
Split windows vertically Ctrl + wv
Save the file :w
Save and Quit :wq
Quit :q

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