Do you know about Tally Shortcut keys? Keyboard software is an alternative to a mouse click. Tally ERP 9 has shortcuts for almost all its functions. The number of shortcuts in software means your entry into the data at a faster speed, easily navigate, view report easily, print easily, export and import data easily and many more. Download Tally ERP 9 NOW!

Most used Tally Shortcut keys – Tally ERP 9

Tally Shortcut keys can be easily glanced even by the new tally user as it is available on the screen. Just like Excel, you can use Tally entirely without the use of the mouse. The interesting feature of Tally Shortcut keys is that you don’t have to remember them thoroughly, as they are easily available on the screen. Just to carry out the work as a faster pace remembering of shortcuts is the most convenient option. Download the PDF shortcut keys here.

Basic Shortcut keys

Action Tally Shortcut key
Main Area Ctrl + M
Calculator Area Ctrl + N
Print Alt + P
Export Alt + E
E-mail Alt + M
Upload Alt + O
Language Alt + G
Keyboard Alt + K
Control Center Ctrl + K
Support Center Ctrl + H
Help Alt + H
Open Stock Query Alt + S
Open Material In Voucher Ctrl + W
Open Material Out Voucher Ctrl + J
Duplicate Voucher Alt + 2
Add Voucher Alt + A

Inventory Vouchers Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcut key
Sales order Alt + F5
Purchase order Alt + F4
Receipt Note Alt + F9
Delivery Note Alt + F8
Rejection in Ctrl + F6
Rejection out Alt + F6
Stock Journal Alt + F7
Physical Stock voucher Alt + F10

Accounting Vouchers Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcut key
Contra Entry F4
Payment Entry F5
Receipt Entry F6
Journal Entry F7
Sales Entry F8
Purchase F9
Debit Note Ctrl + F9
Credit Note Ctrl + F8
Reversing Journal F10
Memorandum Voucher Ctrl + F10

GST Related Tally Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcuts
Statutory Adjustment voucher Alt + J
Statutory Payment voucher Alt + S
Open GST Portal Ctrl + O
Export Return Ctrl + E
View accepted as it is Ctrl + A

Reports Related Tally Shortcut keys

Action Tally Shortcut key
View Reports in automatic columns Alt + N
Remove/Hide the line ina report Alt + R
Print the report Alt + P
Export report in ASCII, HTML, PDF, Excel, XML format Alt + E
View detailed report Alt + F1

Passing Voucher Entry Related Tally Shortcut keys

Action Tally Shortcut key
Delete Esc
delete a voucher/delete a master Alt + D
Create a Master Alt + C
Cancel a Voucher Alt + X
Accept a form Ctrl + A
Toggle between invoice and voucher Ctrl + V
Insert a voucher Alt + I
Create duplicate a voucher Alt + 2
Switch to Calculator Ctrl + N

The above Tally shortcut keys are as important as they are widely used by different countries and different users in the world, due to its amazing accounting feature. The reason behind why the tally is the most demanded software is because of its features like better data migrate, Payroll management, TDS, TCS, and many more. Check out Excel Shortcut as this software to is the most demanded Microsoft Office Application.

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