Download Sublime Text Shortcuts PDF. Sublime is a powerful text editor’s software. The interface of the Sublime Text is simple and it has powerful features that are hidden in it. If you have been using this software for quite some time, then it is time to boost your productivity with Sublime Text. How will you do so? Well, the answer it simple Sublime Text Shortcuts.

List of Sublime Text Shortcuts

Friends and colleagues around me always ask how I could do the kinds of stuff so quickly. It was always because of a bunch of shortcuts I use and through some practice. Below is the list of the Sublime Text Shortcuts. You can also download the Sublime Text Shortcuts in PDF form.


Action Sublime Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Repeat Ctrl + Y
Soft undo Ctrl + U
Soft redo Ctrl + Shift + U
Cut Shift + Delete
Copy Ctrl + Insert
Paste Shift + Insert
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Fold Ctrl + Shift + [
Unfold Ctrl + Shift + ]
Toggle spell checking F6
Find next misspelling Ctrl + F6
Find previous misspelling Ctrl + Shift + F6
Toggle console Ctrl + ‘

Menu Shortcuts

Action Sublime Shortcuts
New window Ctrl + Shift + N
Close window Ctrl + Shift + W
Open file Ctrl + O
Reopen last file Ctrl + Shift + T
New file Ctrl + N
Save file Ctrl + S
Save file as Ctrl + Shift + S
Close file Ctrl + F4
Close Sublime Ctrl + W

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Sublime text Shortcuts
Move one word left Ctrl + ←
Move one word right Ctrl + →
Move one sub-word left Alt + ←
Move one sub-word right Alt + →
Move one page up Page Up
Move one page down Page Down
Move to beginning of line Home
Move to end of line End
Scroll page up Ctrl + ↑
Scroll page down Ctrl + ↓
Move to opening bracket of faction Ctrl + M
Show function list and navigate Ctrl + R
Show function list without changing cursor Ctrl + Shift + R
Go to word in current file Ctrl + ;
Go to line Ctrl + G

Find and Replace Shortcuts

Action Sublime Text Shortcuts
Find Ctrl + F
Find and Replace Ctrl + H
Replace next Ctrl + Shift + H
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Find and highlight current word in text Ctrl + D
Find under Ctrl + F3
Find under previous Ctrl + Shift + F3
Find all under Alt + F3
Slurp find string Ctrl + E
Slurp replace string Ctrl + Shift + E

Text Manipulation and Delete Shortcuts

Action Sublime Editor Shortcuts
Move line or selection up Ctrl + Shift + ↑
Move line or selection down Ctrl + Shift + ↓
Insert line after at beginning of new line Ctrl + Enter
Join line below at end of current line Ctrl + J
Duplicate lines Ctrl + Shift + ↓
Transpose Ctrl + T
Sort lines case sensitive F9
Sort lines case in-sensitive Shift + F9
Indent Ctrl + ]
Unindent Ctrl + [
Duplicate line or selection Ctrl + Shift + D
Toggle comment line Ctrl + /
Toggle comment block Ctrl + Shift + /
Delete character to the right Delete
Delete character to the left Backspace
Delete word to the left Ctrl + Backspace
Delete word to the right Ctrl + Delete
Delete from cursor to beginning of line Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Delete from cursor to end of line Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Selection Shortcuts

Action Sublime Editor Shortcuts
Extend selection one character left Shift + ←
Extend selection one character right Shift + →
Extend selection one word left Ctrl + Shift + ←
Extend selection one word right Ctrl + Shift + →
Extend selection one sub-word left Alt + Shift + ←
Extend selection one sub-word right Alt + Shift + →
Extend selection one line up Shift + ↑
Extend selection one line down Shift + ↓
Extend selection to the beginning of a line Shift + Home
Extend selection to end of line Shift + End
Extend selection to the beginning of a file Ctrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to end of file Ctrl + Shift + End
Select all Ctrl + A
Select line Ctrl + L
Select current word Ctrl + D
Select lines in this indention Ctrl + Shift + J
Expand selection Ctrl + Shift + A

Split Panes and Bookmarks Shortcuts

Action Sublime Text Shortcuts
Split layout to 1 pane Alt + Shift + 1
Split layout to 2 vertical pane Alt + Shift + 2
Split layout to 3 vertical pane Alt + Shift + 3
Split layout to 4 vertical panes Alt + Shift + 4
Split layout to 2 horizontal panes Alt + Shift + 8
Focus on split pane 1 Ctrl + 1
Focus on split pane 2 Ctrl + 2
Focus on split pane 3 Ctrl + 3
Focus on split pane 4 Ctrl + 4
Toggle Bookmark Ctrl + F2
Go to the next bookmark F2
Go to the previous bookmark Shift + F2
Select all bookmarks Alt + F2

By using the above shortcuts you can greatly increase your coding speed. These shortcuts are a dream come true for developers, coders. The practice is the key to learning the Sublime Text Shortcuts. So keep practicing, keep learning and you are on roll to become a Sublime Text Ninja.

Getting familiar with the Sublime Text editor will help you to take advantage of the Vintage Mode. Vintage Mode of Sublime Text editor turns it into a Vim Style command. Check out the Vim shortcuts here. Earlier I used to work with Notepad ++ to write the coding work but after I came to know about the Sublime Text Editor. I did say Goodbye to Notepad ++.

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