It is highly recommended for you to learn the Spanish Accents Alt Codes. Typing Accents Alt Code in cryptic codes can be very frustrating. Spanish Accents Alt Codes works in all programs like Email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Paint, etc.

Spanish Accents Alt codes

However, if you are a regular user who writes Spanish ALT Codes on your laptop you must use an international keyboard. How to write the Spanish Accents Alt Codes? Well, Hold the Alt Key > type the three or four-digit numeric and then release the Alt key. It can be time-consuming to copy and paste letters from websites. Hence below is the list of all Accent Alt Codes. Download all the Accents Alt Codes in PDF form.

Spanish Accents Alt Codes

Action Symbol Alt Codes
A with accent Á Alt 0193
E with accent É Alt 0201
I with accent Í Alt 0205
O with accent Ó Alt 0211
U with accent Ú Alt 0218
a with accent á Alt 0225
e with accent é Alt 0233
i with accent í Alt 0237
o with accent ó Alt 0243
u with accent ú Alt 0250
N yeh Ñ Alt 165
n yeh ñ Alt 164
Inverted exclamation mark ¡ Alt 173
Inverted question mark ¿ Alt 168
a superscript ª Alt 166
o superscript º Alt 167
Euro Alt 0128

Above you learned how to use these codes on your Windows devices. The Alt Codes can be used to type French, German, Italian, Portugal language. However for other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian you need to specifically set up a keyboard.

Spanish Accents Alt Codes are easy to use. They help you to work faster while typing in a foreign language. It saves time as well as energy. Share this blog to help others get used to using the Accents Alt Codes.

Note: There is no need to use an international keyboard for typing Spanish while using MS Word. You can use the Alt Codes. Here is the list of MS Word shortcuts.

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