General Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Accept an incoming invite notification Win + Shift + O
Decline an invite notification Win + Esc
Mute and Unmute audio Win + F4
Turn camera on or off Win + F5
Take back control when sharing your screen Ctrl + Alt + Space
Stop sharing your screen Ctrl + Shift + S

Conversation window Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Accept any invite notification Alt + C
Ignore any invite notification Alt + L
Save as for files send in conversation Alt + S
Invite a contact to an existing conversation Alt + V
Rejoin audio in a meeting Alt + R
Close conversation window Alt + F4
Show or Hide instant message area Ctrl + W
Send file Ctrl + F
Take notes with Onenote Ctrl + N
Show or Hide the participant list Ctrl + R
Add or end video Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Hold or resue an onging audio conversation Ctrl + Shift + H
Mark conversation important Ctrl + Shif + I
Show or Hide the sharing stage Ctrl + Shift + Y
Switch to compact view Ctrl + Shift + P
Switch to content-only view Ctrl + Shift + K
Add or End audio Ctrl + Enter

Main window Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Contacts list tab Ctrl + 1
Persistent chat tab Ctrl + 2
Conversation list tab Ctrl + 3
Phone tab Ctrl + 4
Open the system menu Alt + Space
Open the file menu Alt + F
Start meet now Alt + M
Tools menu Alt + T
Help menu Alt + H

Messaging Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
IM input area Ctrl + Shift + M
Add line break Shift + Enter
Select all Ctrl + A
Apply Bold Ctrl + B
Apply italic Ctrl + I
Apply underline Ctrl + U
Change font color Ctrl + Shift + F
Open a file that been received Alt + P
Decline a file that been sent Alt + D
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Switch to full screen F5
Exit full-screen video Esc

Call control Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Display the dial pad Ctrl + Shift + D
End a call Alt + Q
Put a call on hold Ctrl + Shift + H

Meeting stage Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Stop sharing Alt + T
Manage presentable content Ctrl + Shift + E
Show or hide sharing stage Ctrl + Shift + Y
Switch to speaker view Ctrl + Shift + J
Switch to gallary view Ctrl + Shift + L

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