Download SketchUp Shortcuts PDF. Sketchup is also known as Google Sketchup are used by architects, interior designers, mechanical and civil engineers, video and film designers, etc. Drawing models in Sketchup requires a lot of juggling between mouse and keyboard. As you get more experience in this you will be able to develop which commands to be used with the keyboard shortcut.

Top 30 SketchUp Shortcuts

Learning the keyboard shortcut will keep you away from pressing the same button over and over again for a particular tool. Below I have tried to help you with some of the built-in keyboard shortcuts. You can even create your own Sketchup keyboard shortcuts for the tools you use often. Also, Download all the below shortcuts and also Import them into the SketchUp software. Download here.

Tools Shortcuts

Action SketchUp Shortcut keys
Select Spacebar
Arc A
Paint Bucket B
Circle C
Eraser E
Line L
Move M
Offset O
Push/Pull P
Rotate Q
Rectangle R
Scale S
Zoom extent Shift + Z

One of the ways in becoming faster at modeling is to learn the SketchUp shortcut. I always urged to learn the keyboard shortcut is just because they are a time saver and it reduces the conflict between the design and the software. AutoCAD can be an alternative to SketchUp software. Check out the AutoCAD shortcuts here.

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