Do you know about Safari Shortcuts? Safari a default web browser for Mac and iOS devices. Other than Command + C to copy and Command + V to Paste there are a hell lot of shortcuts in safari to make your working with safari fruitful. This was more of a basic shortcut.

List of Safari Shortcuts for Mac user’s

I would like to ask you, what would you have done in order to clear the cache in Safari? You would carry out some 5 odd steps and complete the solution. Well, I would suggest a shortcut for it. {CMD} + {ALT} + E. Impressive! Right.

Below I have tried to assemble more than 90+ Safari shortcuts Mac. Even get an opportunity to download the Safari Shortcuts for Mac in the form of PDF. Click here

Safari General Shortcuts

Action Safari Shortcuts Mac
Switch to the first tab Command + 1
Switch to the last tab Command + 9
Switch to next tab Command + Tab
Switch to the specified tab Command + 1-8
Switch to the previous tab Command + Shift + Tab
Close the current tab Command + W
Close the browser Option + F4
Reopen the last closed tab Command + Shift + T
Open new tab Command + T
Open new browser window Command + N
Zoom in Command + Mouse wheel up
Zoom out Command + Mouse wheel down
Default Zoom level Command + 0
Full-Screen mode F11

Safari Other Shortcuts

Action Safari Shortcuts Mac
Go to the Address bar Command + L
Add prefix www. & post .com in address bar Command + Enter
Open the location in the adress bar Option + Enter
Go to address bar for search Command + K
Open the page search box Command + F
Find the next match on the page Command + G
Find the previous match on the page Command + Shift + G
Print Command + P
Save page Command + S
Open a file of pc in browser Command + O
Open the page source code Command + U
Developer tools F12
Edit bookmark name Return
Save browser window Command + Shift + S
Help Command + ?
Stop Command + .
preference Command + ,
Spelling correction Command + Shift + :
Zoom text Command + +
Zoom out text Command + –
Open settings Command + Option + ,

Safari Menu Shortcuts

Action Safari Shortcut keys
Select all Command + A
Show or Hide favorites bar Command + B
Add bookmark Command + D
Hide browser Command + H
Go to selection Command + J
Close browser Command + Q
Minimize Command + M
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Cut Command + X
Reload Command + R
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Full-screen mode Command + Shift + F
Go to Home page Command + Shift + H
Maximize Command + Shift + M
Page setup loading Command + Shift + P
Start sampling Command + Shift + S
Stop sampling Command + Shift + T
Forms Autofiling Command + Shift + A
Bluetooth transfer Command + Shift + B
Block plugins Command + Shift + K
Add a bookmark to menu Command + Shift + D
Close window Command + Shift + W
Make sticky notes Command + Shift + Y
Open URL Command + Shift + U
Show all bookmarks Command + Option + B
Empty cache Command + Option + E
Minimize all Command + Option + M
View source Command + Option + Y
Search from google Command + Option + F
Show activities Command + Option + A

Safari Navigation Shortcuts

Action Mac Shortcuts
Reload F5
Reload and Skip cache Command + F5
Stop Esc
Back Option + ←
Forward Option + →
Scroll page horizontally ←/→
Scroll page vertically ↑/↓
Scroll page by full screen Option + Arrow keys
Homepage Command + Home

Mac users very well know how essential can shortcuts be in mastering Safari. So next time when you are using Safari as the default web browser then try out these keyboard shortcuts. Also, if you are using Internet Explorer or Google as the default web browser then you must try these shortcuts. Internet Explorer shortcuts and Google Chrome Shortcuts.

Safari shortcuts for Mac are a more productivity-boosting tool that you should familiarize yourself with. Of course, there could be more shortcuts but these are some that can help you out.

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