The strength that Opera provides to its users is the number of Opera shortcuts. Opera has multiple shortcut keys for doing the same task. So you can select or use the most convenient shortcut keys. Opera shortcuts are only intended for users who run Opera on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows system.

List of Opera Shortcuts

You might have already used the other web browser. In Google Chrome Ctrl + 1 and Ctrl + 2 shortcuts lets, you open the first and the second tab in the web browser, respectively. However, you do not find such a shortcut in Opera.

Below is the given list of all the Opera shortcuts that are used most often and also that are used least commonly. Download the Opera shortcuts PDF.

General Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Open file Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save copy of page with all images Ctrl + Alt + S
Print Ctrl + P
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Close opera Ctrl + Q
Hide opera Ctrl + H
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Copy selected text Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste selected text Ctrl + Shift + V

Text Editing Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Apply Bold Ctrl + B
Apply Italic Ctrl + I
Apply underline Ctrl + U
Clear all Ctrl + U
Select all Ctrl + A
Delete selection Delete
Find text Ctrl + F
Find next instance of text Ctrl + G
Find previous instance of text Ctrl + Shift + G

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Move one line up
Move one line down
Move one character to the right
Move one character to the left
Move one screen up Page up
Move one screen down Page down
Move one screen to the left Ctrl + Page up
Move one screen to the right Ctrl + Page down
Go to top Home
Go to bottom End

Sitemap Navigation Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Home Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Search Ctrl + Shift + F
Previous Ctrl + Shift + ←
Next Ctrl + Shift + →
Up Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

Panel Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Search panel Ctrl + 1
Bookmarks panel Ctrl + 2
Mail panel Ctrl + 3
Contacts panel Ctrl + 4
Chat panel Ctrl + 5
Notes panel Ctrl + 6
Transfers panel Ctrl + 7
History panel Ctrl + 8
Links panel Ctrl + 9
Windows panel Ctrl + 0

Email Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Check e-mail Ctrl + K
Write new message Ctrl + E
Save message draft Ctrl + S
Upload queued messages to mail server Ctrl + Shift + K
Send composed message Ctrl + Shift + S
Reply to message R
Reply to all recipients of message Shift + R
Forward F
Redirect D
Quick reply Q

Bookmarks Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcuts
Open bookmark Enter
Open bookmark in new tab Shift + Enter
Open bookmark in background tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Link Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcut keys
Select next link in page A
Select previous link in page Q
Follow selected link Enter
Open link in new tab Shift + Enter
Open link in background tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Save link as new bookmark Ctrl + Shift + D
Copy slected link address Ctrl + Alt + C

Source Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcut keys
View page source Ctrl + F3
View source of active frame Alt + F3

Display Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcut keys
Load all images I
Toggle loading of images Shift + I
Toggle between author and user mode Shift + G
Preview page as if printed Shift + P
Full screen F11
Fit to width Ctrl + F11
Pretend to be small-screen device Shift + F11

History Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcut keys
Go to next page X
Go to previous page Z
Rewind Shift + Z
Fast forward Spacebar
Show entire forward history Alt + X
Show entire backward history Alt + Z

Loading Shortcuts

Action Opera Shortcut keys
Reload Ctrl + R
Reload selected frame Alt + F5
Reload all open pages Ctrl + F5
Stop page loading Esc

Others Shortcuts

Action Opera Keyboard Shortcuts
Edit item properties Alt + Enter
Exit context Esc
Display context menu Ctrl + M
Go to your homepage Ctrl + Spacebar
Enter a web address F2
Log in form using the wand Ctrl + Enter
Go to next element in form Tab
Go to previous element in form Shift + Tab
Select from element Spacebar
Help F1

With all the above shortcuts, you can speed up the task with Opera providing you more support being the fastest web browser. These essential Opera shortcuts will surely make you a Pro Opera user. There is no other way to learn Opera shortcuts other than to practice a few of them more often.

When compared with another web browser like Google chrome Shortcuts, Firefox Shortcuts, Safari Shortcuts for Mac Opera comes out as a most worthy contender.


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