Do you know about OneNote Shortcuts? Microsoft OneNote, a place where notes are orderly kept, adding and altering of contents can be made easy. OneNote has its own way of recording and organizing information with documents, notes, web links and much more! Click here to Download Microsoft OneNote.

List of Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts

Below are the several OneNote saved shortcuts that allow you to press a combination of buttons in order to get standard symbols. Let’s take an example if you suppose you want to apply styles to your text what shortcut should be used. Use the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + End to apply the Header 1 Style to the text. This is how you save time with shortcuts. Download OneNote shortcuts PDF here.


Action OneNote Shortcuts
Check Spelling F7
Open research pane and thesaurus Shift + F7
Lock all password-protected sections Ctrl + Alt + L
Expand or collapse the subordinate tabs Ctrl + Shift + *
Print the current page Ctrl + P

Format - OneNote Shortcuts

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Increase font size of selected text Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size of selected text Ctrl Shift + <
Highlight selected text Ctrl + Shift + H
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Strikethrough Ctrl + –
Subscript Ctrl + =
Superscript Ctrl + Shift + =
Copy formatting of selected text Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste formatting of selected text Ctrl + Shift + V
Apply the Normal style Ctrl + Shift + N
Apply bullets to selection Ctrl + .
Apply numbered list Ctrl + /
Apply heading style 1 Ctrl + Alt + 1
Apply heading style 2 Ctrl + Alt + 2
Apply heading style 3 Ctrl + Alt + 3
Apply heading style 4 Ctrl + Alt + 4
Apply heading style 5 Ctrl + Alt + 5
Apply heading style 6 Ctrl + Alt + 6
Indent paragraph Alt + Shift + →
Outdent paragraph Alt + Shift + ←
Align Right Ctrl + R
Align Left Ctrl + L
Select Title of Page Ctrl + Shift + T
Move current line up Alt + Shift + ↑
Move current line down Alt + Shift + ↓
Insert a line break without starting a new paragraph Shift + Enter
Insert a hyperlink Ctrl + K

Basic Editing

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Move one word left Ctrl + ←
Move one word right Ctrl + →
Move to next paragraph Ctrl + ↓
Move to previous paragraph Ctrl + ↑
Move to beginning of the line Home
Move to end of the line End
Move to top of current page Ctrl + Home
Move to bottom of current page Ctrl + End
Move one page up in current page Page Up
Move one page down in current page Page Down
Delete one word to the right of cursor Ctrl + Delete
Delete one word to the left of cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Select to the beginning of line Shift + Home
Select to the end of line Shift + End
Select all of line Ctrl + A by 1x
Select all of comment section Ctrl + A by 2x
Select all of current page Ctrl + A by 3x
Select current paragraph Ctrl + Shift + –

Onenote window

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Show or hide ruler lines on current page Ctrl + Shift + R
Increase width of page tab Ctrl + Shift + [
Decrease width of page tab Ctrl + Shift + ]
Increase width of sections tab Ctrl + Shift + Alt + [
Decrease width of sections tab Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ]
Show or hide section tab Alt + F1
Zoom in Ctrl + Shift + Alt + +
Zoom out Ctrl + Shift + Alt + –
Show or hide office ribbon Ctrl + F1
Turn full-screen view on or off F11
Dock onenote program window to desktop Ctrl + Alt + D
Replicate Onenote window Ctrl + M
Open a small onenote window to create side note Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a new side note Win + N
Create a New page Ctrl + Alt + N
Create a new subpage Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N

Manage pages, notebooks & Sections

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Create new section Ctrl + T
Move or copy current page Ctrl + Alt + M
Go to next page in section Ctrl + Page Down
Go to previous page in section Ctrl + Page Up
Go to next section Ctrl + Tab
Go to previous section Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to first page in the section Alt + Home
Go to last page in the section Alt + End
Go to first page in the currently visible set of page tabs Alt + Page Up
Go to last page in the currently visible set of page tabs Alt + Page Down
Go back to last page opened Alt + ←
Go back to next page opened Alt + →
Move focus to Notebook area Ctrl + G
Move focus to pages area Ctrl + Alt + G
Move focus to section area Ctrl + Shift + G
Open move option for current section Shift + F10
Open notebook Ctrl + O
Open a section Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O
Select current page tab Ctrl + Shift + A

OneNote Tables

Action Shortcuts
Create row below current row in table Ctrl + Enter
Create another paragraph in same cell in table Alt + Enter
Create column to the right of current column in table Ctrl + Alt + R
Create column to the left of current column in table Ctrl + Alt + E

Add Items

Action Shortcuts
Insert current Date Alt + Shift + D
Insert current Time Alt + Shift + T
Insert current date and time Alt + Shift + F
Insert document Alt + N
Show or Hide document Alt + Shift + P
Insert Picture from file Alt + N, P
Insert Picture from scanner or a camera Alt + N, S
Insert screen clipping Win + S


Action OneNote Shortcuts
Expand all levels Alt + Shift + 0
Increase indent by one level Tab
Decrease indent by one level Shift + Tab
Expand collapsed outline Alt + Shift + [
Collapse expanded outline Alt + Shift + –

Tag Notes

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Apply or Clear ‘To-Do’ tag Ctrl + 1
Apply or Clear ‘Important’ tag Ctrl + 2
Apply or Clear ‘Question’ tag Ctrl + 3
Apply or Clear ‘Remember for later’ tag Ctrl + 4
Apply or Clear ‘Definition’ tag Ctrl + 5
Apply or Clear ‘Custom’ tag Ctrl + 6
Remove all note tags Ctrl + 0

MS Outlook 2016 Integration

Action OneNote Shortcuts
Send selected pages in an email Ctrl + Shift + E
Create a Today outlook task from selected note Ctrl + Shift + 1
Create a Tomorrow outlook task Ctrl + Shift + 2
Create a this week outlook task Ctrl + Shift + 3
Create a next week outlook task Ctrl + Shift + 4
Create a No Date Outlook task Ctrl + Shift + 5
Open the selected outlook task Ctrl + Shift + K
Mark the selected outlook task as complete Ctrl + Shift + 9
Delete selected outlook task Ctrl + Shift + 0
Sync changes in current shared notebook Shift + F9
Sync changes in all shared notebook F9
Mark current page as unread Ctrl + Q

I did try my best to help you out with the amazing Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts. I would like to describe OneNote as a go-to option where you can organize the books, tags important notes, Draw your imagination, Record media, save and share the content.

After you have worked with Microsoft OneNote keys, the Google sheets shortcuts are best recommended. One Note is very much similar to Google sheets as it saves data automatically when the users edit the files. 

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