Dow you know about Notepad Shortcuts? Notepad ++ is a free and open source editor, for editing several programming languages. The Python language code too can be edited using the Notepad ++. Notepad has features that are very much useful to the coders.

List of Notepad Shortcuts

The Notepad ++ software is not available for the IOS devices. To make the life of the developer’s easy Notepad ++ was introduced. Developers are just in love with this application as they notepad shortcuts have not only made their lives easy but have let them become a ninja in Notepad ++.

Below are the various Notepad++ shortcuts. You can also download the shortcuts here.

General Shortcuts

Action Notepad Shortcuts
Open file Ctrl + O
New file Ctrl + N
Save file Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Alt + S
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P
Exit Alt + F4
Next document Ctrl + Tab
Previous document Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close current document Ctrl + W

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Notepad Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert
Copy current line Ctrl + Shift + T
Cut Ctrl + X or Shift + Delete
Paste Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert
Undo Ctrl + Z or Alt + Backspace
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select All Ctrl + A
Column editor Alt + C
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Switch current line to previous line Ctrl + T
Delete current line Ctrl + L
Split lines Ctrl + I
Join lines Ctrl + J
Launch Go to line Ctrl + G
Single line comment Ctrl + Q
Single line Uncomment Ctrl + Shift + Q
Toggle Single line comment Ctrl + K
Block comment Ctrl + Shift + K
Insert Tabulation or Space Tab
Remove Tabulation or space Shift + Tab
Delete to Start of word Ctrl + Backspace
Delete to end of word Ctrl + Delete
Delete to Start of line Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Convert to lower case Ctrl + U
Convert to Upper case Ctrl + Shift + U
Go to matching brace Ctrl + B
Launch call tip listbox Ctrl + Space
Launch function completion listbox Ctrl + Shift + Space
Launch path completion listbox Ctrl + Alt + Space
Launch word completion listbox Ctrl + Enter
Text direction RTL Ctrl + Alt + R
Text Direction LTR Ctrl + Alt + L
Split line downwards Enter
Insert new unindented line above current Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Insert new unindented line below current Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Enter

Search Menu Shortcuts

Action Notepad Shortcuts
Launch find dialog Ctrl + F
Find and Replace Ctrl + H
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Find in files Ctrl + Shift + F
Switch to search results window F7
Find volatile Next Ctrl + Alt + F3
Find volatile previous Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F3
Select and find next Ctrl + F3
Select and find previous Ctrl + Shift + F3
Go to next found F4
Go to previous found Shift + F4
Incremental Search Ctrl + Shift + I
Jump down Ctrl + N
Jump up Ctrl + Shift + N
Toggle bookmark Ctrl + F2
Go to next bookmark F2
Go to previous bookmark Shift + F2
Select all between matching braces Ctrl + Alt + B

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Notepad Shortcuts
Toggle full screen mode F11
Toggle post-it mode F12
Collapse the current level Ctrl + Alt + F
Uncollapse the current level Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F
Fold all Alt + 0
Collapse the level Alt + 1-8
Unfold all Alt + Shift + 0
Uncollapse the level Alt + Shift + 1-8

Run Menu Shortcuts

Action Notepad++ Shortcuts
Launch Run dialog F5
Get PHP help Alt + F1
Google search Alt + F2
Wikipedia Search Alt + F3
Open file (name at cursor) Alt + F5
Open file another instance Alt + F6
Open in chrome Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Open in firefox Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X
Open in Internet Explorer Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I
Open in Safari Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F
Send via outlook Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O

Macro Menu Shortcuts

Action Notepad++ Shortcuts
Start to record Ctrl + Shift + R
Stop recording the marco Ctrl + Shift + R
Playing recorded macro Ctrl + Shift + P
Trim trailing and save Alt + Shift + S

All the above shortcuts as well as its immensely versatile features like syntax highlighting, expand and collapse functionality, open 2 workspace in the same window, various language supports like JavaScript, HTML, C++ and many more, It is due to the above features I would suggest you learn the Notepad Shortcuts.

Earlier we had also explained to you regarding the Notepad Shortcuts. You will come to know the difference between both as you see and start working with it.

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