Memorize today some of the most important VLC Keyboard shortcuts and save a ton of time in the long run. Today we will learn VLC keyboard shortcuts that are considered to be one of the leading cross-platform media players. VLC go-to solution when it comes to watching videos when you have a lot of stress on your mind.

List of VLC Keyboard Shortcuts – VLC Media Player

Perform several actions without even using the mouse or clicking the menu buttons with these VLC keyboard shortcuts. Below are the most common and most useful VLC Keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

General Shortcuts

Action VLC Keyboard Shortcuts
Full screen F
Exit full screen mode Esc
Pause or play movie Space
Subtitles on or off V
Select audio track B
Volume up Ctrl + ↑
Volume down Ctrl + ↓

Navigation Shortcuts

Action VLC Player Shortcuts
Open disc menu Ctrl + D
Open folder Ctrl + F
Advanced open file Ctrl + R
Open single files Ctrl + O
Mute and unmute audio M
Play video P
Stop video S
Increase playback by 0.1x [
Decrease playback by 0.1x ]
Adjust playback to normal =
Change screen crop 4:3, 16:9 etc. C
Change Aspect crop 4:3, 16:9 etc. A
Decrease subtitle delay G
Increase subtitle delay H
Decrease audio delay J
Increase Audio delay K
Change zoom mode Z
Play recent media Ctrl + 1
Show time T
Go to time Ctrl + T
Hide Control Ctrl + H

Jump in Playback - VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

Action VLC Media Shortcuts
Jump 3 seconds forward Shift + →
Jump 3 seconds backward Shift + ←
Jump 10 seconds forward Alt + →
Jump 10 seconds backward Alt + ←
Jump 1 minute forward Ctrl + →
Jump 1 minute backward Ctrl + ←

Others Shortcuts

Action VLC Shortcuts
Preferences settings Ctrl + P
Adjustments and audio effects Ctrl + E
Edit bookmarks Ctrl + B
Open messages Ctrl + M
Open network Ctrl + N
Open Capture device Ctrl + C
Open Playlist Ctrl + L
Save playlist Ctrl + Y
Media Information Ctrl + I
Toggle Deinterlace D
Play next movie from playlist N
Show help F1
Windows full screen F11
Close VLC Media Player Ctrl + W

The chances are very high that you won’t remember all these shortcuts and so downloading the VLC Media shortcuts in PDF form is a good option. We have already covered DivX keyboard shortcuts and Windows keyboard shortcuts that might surprise you.

Out of the other media player available, VLC consistently ranks at the top in terms of features and popularity. Shortcuts not only help you to work faster and more efficiently but are more comfortable than dragging the mouse. Whether you consider VLC as your primary media player or a backup media player all these above shortcuts will be very much helpful.

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