General Shortcuts

Action Evernote Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Apply Bold Ctrl + B
Apply Italic Ctrl + I
Apply underlined Ctrl + U
Apply Strikethrough Ctrl + T
New note Ctrl + Alt + N
Start Screen capture mode Win + Print Screen
Clip selection Win + A
Find in evernote Win + Shift + F
Paste into evernote Ctrl + Alt + V

Managing Evernote Shortcuts

Action Evernote Shortcuts
Create a new note Ctrl + N
Create a new notebook Ctrl + Shift + N
Create a new tag Ctrl + Shift + T
Assign tags Ctrl + Alt + T
Rename notebook, tags F2
Close child windows Alt + F4
Exit Ctrl + Q
Spelling check F7
Help F1
Synchronization with evernote web F9

View and Display Shortcuts

Action Evernote Shortcuts
Note list views F5
Note list to Table view Ctrl + F5
Note list to Mixed view Ctrl + F6
Note list to Thumbnails view Ctrl + F7
Toggle display of left panel F10
Toggle display of note list F11
Toggle display of note panel Ctrl + F11
Search explanation Ctrl + F10
Info panel F8
Editing toolbar Ctrl + F8

Note list Shortcuts

Action Evernote Shortcuts
Go to previous note
Go to next note
Scroll one page up Page up
Scroll one page down Page down
Go to first note in list Home
Go to last note in list End
Select all notes Ctrl + A
Open the selected note Ctrl + Enter
Send selected notes by email Ctrl + Shift + E
Print Ctrl + P
Print preview Ctrl + F2

Others Shortcuts

Action Evernote Shortcuts
Bullet list Ctrl + Shift + B
Ordered list Ctrl + Shift + O
Open font dialog box Ctrl + D
Remove formatting Ctrl + Space
Align left Ctrl + L
Align right Ctrl + R
Align center Ctrl + E
Align Justified Ctrl + J
Insert a To Do checkbox Ctrl + Shift + C
Insert current time and date Alt + Shift + D
Add hyperlink Ctrl + K
Edit hyperlink Ctrl + Shift + K
Remove hyperlink Ctrl + Shift + F9
Insert Horizontal line Ctrl + Shift + –

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