In this Corel Painter shortcuts blog, will teach you the usage and importance of these shortcuts. Corel Painter allows users to bring out more beautiful and unexpected pictures. Once you learn this Corel Painter shortcuts entirely, you will be fully capable of using the tool and the brushes. You can save time spent on exploring and learn this great technique.

List of Corel Painter Shortcuts

Once you begin learning and practicing the below shortcuts, it will become more comfortable, and you can expect a different result. Download the Corel Painter shortcuts in PDF form!

General Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Close Ctrl + W
Export Email image Ctrl + Alt + E
Export source image Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Fill Ctrl + F
Transform Ctrl + Alt + F

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcuts
First frame of stack Home
Last frame of stack End
Next frame Page Up
Previous frame Page Down
Stop at current frame Alt + Break

Brushes Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcuts
Brushes B
Radius adjustment Ctrl + Alt
Adjust opacity Ctrl
Add a command Ctrl + Alt + 5
Resize Ctrl + Alt
Dropper Alt
Unconstrained Draw Shift + 1
Draw outside Shift + 2
Draw inside Shift + 3
Correct colors Ctrl + Shift + K
Toggle additional colors Shift + X

Color selection Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcut keys
Color palette Ctrl + Alt + 1
Dropper D
Clone color U

Layers Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcut keys
New layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Layer adjustment F
Select all layers Ctrl + A
Group Ctrl + G
Ungroup Ctrl + U
Collapse Ctrl + E

Canvas Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcut Keys
Screen mode Ctrl + M
Rotate page E
Launch navigator panel Ctrl + 7
Resize Ctrl + Shift + R
Tracing paper Ctrl + T

Toolbox commands Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcut keys
Magnifier M
Grabber G
Divine proportion ,
Layout grid /
Crop C
Burn =
Oval selection O
Rectangular selection R
Magic wand W
Lasso L
Shape selection H
Pen P
Text T
Quick curve Q
Oval shape J
Scissors Z
Add point A
Convert point Y
Remove point X
Mirror tool ,

Panel commands Shortcuts

Action Corel Painter Shortcut keys
Brush Ctrl + B
Colors Ctrl + 1
Mixer Ctrl + 2
Colors sets Ctrl + 3
Layers Ctrl + 4
Channels Ctrl + 5
Clone source Ctrl + 6
Navigator Ctrl + 7
Gradients Ctrl + 8
Patterns Ctrl + 9

After all these above Corel Painter shortcuts, if you still fail to remember any of these, you can customize your key combination. These Corel Painter shortcuts allow you to access a variety of tools quickly and easily.

Corel Painter 2020 is the latest version added to the Painters bag. Also, it is a less complicated version of what we say Photoshop. Krita Shortcuts, Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts, Clip Studio Paint shortcuts, are some other free image editing software for digital artists.

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