Get your hands on Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts to make everything quicker and easier. There are dozens of shortcuts or combinations of keys through which you can do various things in Clip Studio Paint. With your muscle memory, you can take this tool to the next level.

List of Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts

To all the new users, do not worry I have made a list of all Clip Studio Paint Shortcut keys for drawing and animations. The other important reason to learn these shortcuts is that you won’t have to pause to think about which button to use. Download The Clip Studio Paint Shortcut keys PDF.

General Shortcuts

Action Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts
New Layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Change layer type Ctrl + Alt + E
Show or Hide Rulers Ctrl + R
Show or Hide Transperency Ctrl + 4
Brush B
Eraser E
Pen or Pencil P
Undo Last action Ctrl + Z
Fit to Screen Ctrl + O
Zoom in Ctrl + Spacebar
Zoom out Alt + Spacebar

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Clip Studio Shortcuts
Move Page Spacebar
Rotate page Shift + Spacebar
Page Zoom in Ctrl + +
Page Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom page to Actual size Ctrl + Alt + O
Zoom page to print sizes Ctrl + Shift + O

Fill & Tool Shortcuts

Action Clip Studio Shortcuts
Flood fill F
Toggle Gradient/fill G
Lasso Selection tool L
Hide selection border H
Quick mask Q

Selection Shortcuts

Action Clip Studio Shortcuts
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + D
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Quick Mask Ctrl + M
Quick Select Ctrl + Shift + M
convert selection later to selection Ctrl + F
convert selection to layer Ctrl + Shift + D

Tool Action - Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Increase brush or line size ]
Decrease brush or line size [
Black color 4
White color 5
Transparent color 6
Tone 7

All these Clip Studio Paint Shortcut keys are a great way to streamline the workflow. Edit, delete and even add new shortcuts as per your wish which can be very useful! I do know all of these shortcuts are not used but it is good to know them all.

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