Cinema 4D shortcuts are no such exception. Cinema 4D is loaded with dozens of hotkeys by default to work with. Cinema 4D gives professionals the tools to create 3D graphics. You will find everything under one roof of Cinema 4D. Learn 3D modeling, animation, and motion graphics with Maxon Cinema 4D.

Did you know? Cinema 4D is considered as the bridge between knowledge and creativity.

List of Cinema 4D Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts act like a line of defense while working in a project. In this Cinema 4D shortcuts tutorial below, you will find a list of shortcuts divided into categories. The categories will give you a better understanding of the software and increase speed along with the confidence of working in Cinema 4D. Download the Cinema 4D shortcuts in PDF form.

File Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcuts
Open Ctrl + O
New file Ctrl + N
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Save Ctrl + S
Add Ctrl + Shift + O
Close all Ctrl + Shift + W
Quit Ctrl + Q

Picture Viewer Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcuts
Fullscreen mode Ctrl + F
Set as preview end O
Set as preview start Shift + G
Set as A A
Set as B B
Swap AB Alt + G
Play Spacebar
Zoom in +
Zoom out

Object Manager Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcuts
Expand object group Shift + G
Group objects Alt + G
Project information Ctrl + I
Show filter Ctrl + U
Search bar Ctrl + F
Merge objects Ctrl + Shift + O

Animation Timeline Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcuts
Play backwards or Stop F6
Stop F7
Record active objects F9
Select tracks Ctrl + Spacebar
Key mode Spacebar
Go to end Shift + G
Go to next key Ctrl + G
Go to Previous key Ctrl + F
Start of animation Shift + F
Auto key Ctrl + F9
Play forwards or stop F8
Go to first key Ctrl + P
Go to Last key Ctrl + 0
Start Alt + F
End Alt + G
First Marker Ctrl + Shift + P
Last Marker Ctrl + Shift + 0
Next marker Shift + N
Previous marker Shift + P
Ripple edit Alt + R
Automatic mode Alt + A
Show filter Ctrl + U

Editor Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcuts
Object manager Shift + F1
Materials manager Shift + F2
Timeline Shift + F3
Layer manager Shift + F4
Attributes Shift + F5
Picture viewer Shift + F6
Co-ordinates manager Shift + F7
Content browser Shift + F8
Structure manager Shift + F9
Script manager Shift + F11
Customize commands manager Shift + F12
Close window Shift + W
Help Ctrl + F1

Structure Manager Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcut keys
Jump Home Home
Jump page up Page up
Jump page down Page Down
Jump last selection Shift + N
Import ASCII Data Ctrl + Shift + O
Jump End End

Rendering Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcut keys
Render settings Ctrl + B
Preview Alt + B
Interactive render region Alt + R
Render active viewport Ctrl + R
Picture viewer Shift + R

View Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcut keys
Hide or Shows axes Alt + 0
Render view Ctrl + R
Configure Shift + V
Configure all Alt + V
Undo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Y
Redraw A
All views F5

Modelling Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcut keys
Normal rotate M
Editable C
Move E
Rotate R
Scale T
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A

Others Shortcuts

Action Cinema 4D Shortcut keys
Increase brush hardness Shift + +
Decrease brush hardness Shift + –
Load materials Shift + O
New Material Ctrl + N
Zoom Alt

Check out for Blender shortcuts as well as Autodesk 3Ds Max shortcuts which are a good alternative to Cinema 4D.

With the above Cinema 4D Shortcuts, you can cut down on a few clicks, make the repetitive tasks quicker, save time in the editing suite, make you more efficient and happier. Also, these shortcuts will make the life of designers, musicians, animators, editors, and producers easy and smooth.

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