File menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Close Ctrl + F4
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P
Exit Alt + F4

Tools Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcuts
Rectangle select S
Lasso select S
Ellipse select S
Magic wand S
Move selected pixels M
Zoom Z
Pan H
Paint bucket F
Gradient G
Paintbrush B
Eraser E
Pencil P
Color picker K
Clone stamp L
Recolor R
Text T

Edit menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste in to new layer Ctrl + Shift + V
Paste in to new image Ctrl + Alt + V
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect Ctrl + D

Image menu Shortcuts

Action Paint keyboard Shortcuts
Crop to selection Ctrl + Shift + X
Resize Ctrl + R
Canvas size Ctrl + Shift + R
Rotate 90º clockwise Ctrl + G
Rotate 90º counter-clockwise Ctrl + H
Rotate 180º Ctrl + J
Flatern Ctrl + Shift + F

Layers Menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcut keys
Add new layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Delete layer Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Duplicate layer Ctrl + Shift + D
Merge layer down Ctrl + M
Layer properties F4

Adjustments Menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcut keys
Auto level Ctrl + Alt + L
Brightness Ctrl + Shift + C
Curves Ctrl + Shift + M
Black and white Ctrl + Shift + G
Hue or Saturation Ctrl + Shift + U
Invert colors Ctrl + Shift + I
Levels Ctrl + L
Sepia Ctrl + Shift + P

Window Menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcut keys
Tools F5
History F6
Layers F7
Colors F8
Show image list Ctrl + Q
Next tab Ctrl + Tab
Previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Paint Shortcut keys
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to window Ctrl + B
Zoom to selection Ctrl + Shift + B
Actual size Ctrl + Shift + A

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