Lightworks shortcuts is a cross-platform video editor software. It adds a real-time effect and supports royalty-free stock video and production music. It is a more advanced editing program. This tutorial is based on a complete list of Lightworks shortcuts for Windows devices.

List of Lightworks Shortcuts

Below is a list as well as the Lightworks Shortcuts PDF attached. The free version of Lightworks does have several advantages that people want in any software. This exclusive list of Lightworks shortcuts combines playback controls, function keys, alphabetical shortcuts, etc.

General Shortcuts

Action Lightworks Shortcuts
Insert new blank row Alt + B
Duplicate current row Alt + D
Delete current entry Ctrl + Delete
Delete current row Alt + T
Undo insert defalut values Alt + U
Paste current row Alt + Y
Move to next row
Move to previous row
Move to previous field
Move to next field
Play backwards J
Stop playing K
Play forwards L
Scroll down Page down
Scroll up Page Up
Moves right to next field Tab
Moves left to previous field Shift + Tab

Others Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Shortcuts
Store current row Alt + H
Insert default field value into current row Alt + I
Paste stored database field Alt + F
Go to first row in bin Ctrl + Page Up
Go to last row in bin Ctrl + Page Down
Move image horizontally X
Moves image vertically Y
Rotate image diagonally Z
Enable single playing Alt + 1
Enable twin playing Alt + 2
Enable locked playing Alt + 3
step pulldown sequence Alt + A

Once you get familiar using the Lightworks shortcut keys, you will feel confident and increase your workflow. All of the above Lightworks shortcuts will make your work faster and in a more intuitive manner.

When Avid was busy developing Avid Media Composer, another team in the UK was working on developing Lightworks. Checkout for similar software shortcuts like OpenShot shortcuts, Avidemux shortcuts, Shotcut shortcuts, DaVinci Resolve shortcuts, Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts, Camtasia shortcuts, etc.

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