There is a very few difference between Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts and MS Excel shortcuts. The few dissimilarities in shortcuts are: there is no shortcut to hide and unhide rows and columns, Alt based shortcuts work differently, and the formatting shortcuts do not work. Kingsoft Office is the best office suite available for Android platforms.

List of Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcuts

kingsoft-spreadsheets-iconThis article is used to list down almost all the Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts that are available. And how this list of shortcuts will help you to work effectively and efficiently in Kingsoft. Download the Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts in PDF form.

General Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts
New workbook Ctrl + N
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Apply Bold Ctrl + B
Apply Italic Ctrl + I
Save Ctrl + S
Fill Down Ctrl + D
Apply underline Ctrl + U
Close workbook Ctrl + W
Cut Ctrl + X
Repeat last action Ctrl + Y and F4
Undo Ctrl + Z
Help F1
Insert hyperlink Ctrl + K
Save as F12
Edit the active cell F2

Display Objects Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts
Visul Basic editor Alt + F11
Spell check F7
Macros dialog box Alt + F8
Control menu Alt + Space
Format cells Ctrl + 1
Task pane Ctrl + F1
Go to Ctrl + G
Replace Ctrl + H
Find Ctrl + F
Print Ctrl + P
Insert box Ctrl + Shift + =
Context menu Shift + F10
Open Dialog box Ctrl + O

Navigation shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts
Movement in cells Arrow keys
Move to the beginning of the sheet Ctrl + Home
Switches between Right to left worksheet Ctrl + Page Down
Switches between left to right worksheet Ctrl + Page Up
Go to next tab Ctrl + Tab
Previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Others Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcut key
Start a new line in the same cell Alt + Enter
Delete the active cell Backspace
Enter current time Ctrl + ‘
Enter current date Ctrl + ;
Insert chart F11

MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet are the alternatives to Kingsoft Spreadsheet. Check out for MS Excel shortcuts and Google Spreadsheet shortcuts. Both of these alternatives are a part of some suite. Like MS Excel is a part of Microsoft Office Suite, Google spreadsheet is a part of Google suites, the same way Kingsoft Spreadsheet is a part of Kingsoft Suite.

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