Learn Internet Explorer Shortcut. All the major browsers share a large number of shortcuts. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other major browser. Each browser has its own specific shortcut key and learning the keys of the Browser you use the most is no big harm. Below is the list of all the major Internet Explorer Shortcut.

List of Internet Explorer Shortcut

These shortcuts will make your web browsing more time effective in the environment of Internet Explorer. You can even refer to these shortcuts as and when time permits by downloading it. Click here

Basic Navigation and Address bar

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Home Webpage Alt + Home
Go to next webpage Alt + →
Go to previous webpage Alt + ←
Jump to Address bar Alt + D
Complete a .com address in address bar Ctrl + Enter
Complete an URL in address bar Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Open Webpages visited in past Alt + ↓
Delete past visited Webpages from address bar Shift + Delete

Navigate Webpages

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Scroll down inside a webpage
Scroll up inside a webpage
Jump one page down Page Up
Jump one page up Page Down
Move to the Beginning of a document Home
Move to the End of a document End
Increase Text size Ctrl + [ + ]
Decrease Text size Ctrl + –
Reset text size as default Ctrl + 0
Move forward through items on webpages Tab
Move backwards through items on webpages Shift + Tab
Display a context menu for a link Shift + F10
Activate a selected link Enter
Select all content on webpage Ctrl + A
Refresh the current webpage F5
Refresh the current webpage with cache override Ctrl + F5

History and Search, Favorites

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Open Favorites box Ctrl + I
Open Favorites box in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + I
Open History box Ctrl + H
Open History box in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + H
Open feeds Ctrl + J
Open feeds in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + J
Add current webpage to favorites Ctrl + D
Open Find window Ctrl + F

Tab Browsing Menu

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Open new tab in same window Ctrl + T
Duplicate current tab Ctrl + K
Jump to next browser tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to previous browser tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Restore closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Show Tabs Ctrl + Q
Open typed webpage address in new background tab Alt + Enter

Manage Internet Explorer Windows

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Opens the title bar menu Alt + Space
Restore Window Alt + Space + Enter
Maximize window Alt + Space + X
Minimize Window Alt + Space + N
Toggle Regular window Alt + Shift + Enter
Turn on or off full page view F11
Move Forward between window F6
Open new browser window Ctrl + N
Close Internet Explorer Window F4

Others Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut
Turn on or off private filtering Ctrl + Shift + F
Open Incognito Mode Ctrl + Shift + P
Open Delete browsing history Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Jump to instant search box Ctrl + E
View list of search providers Ctrl + ↓
Open search result in new tab Alt + Enter
Print the current webpage Alt + P
Open Developer tools F12
Open location Ctrl + O
View Webpage source in default editor Alt + V + C
Help F1

All the above shortcuts will help you to improve your Windows experience. Some of the above shortcuts might work or not depending upon the version. The usage of Internet Explorer declined with the launch of Firefox and Google Chrome. We also have Firefox Shortcuts and Google Chrome shortcuts for you to have a look!.

The latest version of Internet Explorer is faster and better compliance with web standards and new technologies. The motive of the Internet Explorer Shortcuts is to save time and use the web browser smoothly.

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