Basic Navigation and Address bar

Action Shortcuts
Home Webpage Alt + Home
Go to next webpage Alt + →
Go to previous webpage Alt + ←
Jump to Address bar Alt + D
Complete a .com address in address bar Ctrl + Enter
Complete an URL in address bar Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Open Webpages visited in past Alt + ↓
Delete past visited Webpages from address bar Shift + Delete

Navigate Webpages

Action Shortcuts
Scroll down inside a webpage
Scroll up inside a webpage
Jump one page down Page Up
Jump one page up Page Down
Move to the Beginning of a document Home
Move to the End of a document End
Increase Text size Ctrl + [ + ]
Decrease Text size Ctrl + –
Reset text size as default Ctrl + 0
Move forward through items on webpages Tab
Move backwards through items on webpages Shift + Tab
Display a context menu for a link Shift + F10
Activate a selected link Enter
Select all content on webpage Ctrl + A
Refresh the current webpage F5
Refresh the current webpage with cache override Ctrl + F5

History and Search, Favorites

Action Shortcuts
Open Favorites box Ctrl + I
Open Favorites box in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + I
Open History box Ctrl + H
Open History box in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + H
Open feeds Ctrl + J
Open feeds in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + J
Add current webpage to favorites Ctrl + D
Open Find window Ctrl + F

Tab Browsing Menu

Action Shortcuts
Open new tab in same window Ctrl + T
Duplicate current tab Ctrl + K
Jump to next browser tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to previous browser tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Restore closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Show Tabs Ctrl + Q
Open typed webpage address in new background tab Alt + Enter

Manage Internet Explorer Windows

Action Shortcuts
Opens the title bar menu Alt + Space
Restore Window Alt + Space + Enter
Maximize window Alt + Space + X
Minimize Window Alt + Space + N
Toggle Regular window Alt + Shift + Enter
Turn on or off full page view F11
Move Forward between window F6
Open new browser window Ctrl + N
Close Internet Explorer Window F4

Others Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Turn on or off private filtering Ctrl + Shift + F
Open Incognito Mode Ctrl + Shift + P
Open Delete browsing history Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Jump to instant search box Ctrl + E
View list of search providers Ctrl + ↓
Open search result in new tab Alt + Enter
Print the current webpage Alt + P
Open Developer tools F12
Open location Ctrl + O
View Webpage source in default editor Alt + V + C
Help F1

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