Here most used Google Sheets Shortcuts that’s useful when you’re working in a Google Spreadsheet. In a simple term, I can state Google Sheet as an online version of Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets is one of the programs of the G-suite device. Google sheets will allow users to create and edit files online, Download Google Sheets Shortcuts PDF. The changes made in the Google Sheet are saved automatically.

List of Google Sheets Shortcuts

Google Spreadsheet also comprises a lot of functions and formulas just like Microsoft Excel. Hence, working with a mouse with all these functions will be quite a difficult task. And so to the rescue comes the Google Sheets Shortcuts. Below are the various Google Sheets shortcuts which will help you to work with Google sheet effectively. You can even download these shortcuts here.


Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Open options Ctrl + O
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Copy selected cells Ctrl + C
Repeat last action Ctrl + Shift + Z or F4
Cut selected cells Ctrl + X
Paste content from clipboard Ctrl + V
Display paste special dialog box Ctrl + Shift + V
Display Find option Ctrl + F
Display Find & Replace Ctrl + H
Save[by default save in Drive] Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Show common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + /
Insert new sheet Shift + F11


Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Apply border outline Alt + Shift + 7
Add border top Alt + Shift + 1
Add border right Alt + Shift + 2
Add border bottom Alt + Shift + 3
Add border left Alt + Shift + 4
Remove borders Alt + Shift + 6


Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Apply bold formatting Ctrl + B
Apply italic formatting Ctrl + I
Apply underline formatting Ctrl + U
Apply strikethrough formatting Alt + Shift + 5
Align center Ctrl + Shift + E
Align left Ctrl + Shift + I
Align right Ctrl + Shift + R
Clear formatting Ctrl + \

Number Formatting

Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Apply number format Ctrl + Shift + 1
Apply time format Ctrl + Shift + 2
Apply Date format Ctrl + Shift + 3
Apply currency format Ctrl + Shift + 4
Apply percentage format Ctrl + Shift + 5
Apply exponent format Ctrl + Shift + 6

Entering Data

Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Move right Tab
Move left Shift + Tab
Enter the same data in multiple cells Ctrl + Enter
Fill down from above cell Ctrl + D
Fill right from cell left Ctrl + R
Add hyperlink Ctrl + K
Insert current time Ctrl + Shift + ;
Insert current date Ctrl + ;
Insert current date and time Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;


Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Select entire row Shift + Space
Select entire column Ctrl + Space
Select entire google sheet Ctrl + A
Select entire google sheet Ctrl + Shift + Space
Add adjacent cells to selection Shift + Click
Add non-adjacent cells to selection Ctrl + Click
Scroll to active cell Ctrl + Backspace

Extend Selection

Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Extend selection by one cell right Shift + →
Extend selection by one cell left Shift + ←
Extend selection by one cell up Shift + ↑
Extend selection by one cell down Shift + ↓
Extend the selection to the last cell right Ctrl + Shift + →
Extend the selection to the last cell left Ctrl + Shift + ←
Extend the selection to the last cell up Ctrl + Shift + ↑
Extend the selection to the last cell down Ctrl + Shift + ↓
Extend selection up one screen Shift + PageUp
Extend selection down one screen Shift + PageDown
Extend selection right one screen Alt + Shift + PageDown
Extend selection left one screen Alt + Shift + PageUp


Action Spreadsheets Shortcuts
Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Move one screen right Alt + PageDown
Move one screen left Alt + PageUp
Move one screen up PageUp
Move one screen down PageDown
Move to right edge of data region Ctrl + →
Move to left edge of data region Ctrl + ←
Move to top edge of data region Ctrl + ↑
Move to bottom edge of data region Ctrl + ↓
Move to beginning of row Home
Move to the beginning of sheet Ctrl + Home
Move to end of row End
Move to end of sheet Ctrl + End

With all the above Google Sheet Shortcuts you can present your data with colorful charts and graphs. There are Google Sheets Shortcuts for Pivot Tables, conditional formatting and many more which will save time and simplify the task. There are a variety of templates available like a budget template, expense template, schedules and many more. If you want us to customize Google template for you. Feel free to mail here.

After having a look at the Google Sheets Shortcuts, let’s take a look at the Microsoft Excel Shortcuts which are more or less similar.

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    • My e-Learning Hub
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      Move to next sheet – Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
      Move to previous sheet – Ctrl + Shift + Page Up

    • Keval Thakkar
      Posted December 3, 2019 4:55 pm 0Likes

      Alt + Down & Alt + UP is also working for the same.

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