What are Firefox Shortcuts? Small or Large firms, computers and internet now a days play a vital role. Firefox is one of the Web Browser used by many of the firms. Firefox Shortcuts are a bit different from that of Chrome Shortcuts. Learning this shortcut you are on a right track in working faster. Below is the list of all the shortcuts of Firefox.

List of Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

The Firefox Shortcuts are grouped into various section such as Address Bar, Search Bar, Navigation Shortcuts, Bookmark shortcuts, Firefox features, Inside Webpages, Search, Firefox Windows, Forms and Others. Also, download Firefox Shortcut Key Here.

Address Bar

Action Firefox Shortcuts
Jump to address bar Alt + D
Complete a.com address in address bar Ctrl + Enter
Complete a.net address in address bar Shift + Enter
Complete a.org address in address bar Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Open URL history in address bar and navigate ↑ and ↓
Delete current entry from address bar history Delete

Search Bar

Action Firefox Shortcuts
Jump to search bar Ctrl + K
Toggle search engines Alt + ↑ and ↓
Delete previous search entry Delete


Action Firefox Shortcuts
Jump to homepage Alt + Home
One page backward Alt + ←
One page forward Alt + →
Open new tab in same window Ctrl + T
Jump to next browser tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to previous browser tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Jump to browser tab 1 – 8 Ctrl + 1..8
Jump to the rightmost tab regardless on how many tabs are open Ctrl + 9
Close current browser tab Ctrl + W
Undo close current browser tab Ctrl + Shift + T


Action Firefox Shortcut keys
Show or hide bookmark sidebar Ctrl + B
Organize bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + B
Add bookmark Ctrl + D
Bookmark all tabs Ctrl + Shift + D
Open bookmark menu Alt + B

Firefox features

Action Firefox Shortcut keys
Open or close download window Ctrl + J
Show or hide browsing history Ctrl + H
Clear private data Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Open file Ctrl + O
Open location Ctrl + L
Open file menu Alt + F
Open edit menu Alt + E
Open view menu Alt + V
Open history menu Alt + S
Open bookmark menu Alt + B
Open tools menu Alt + T
Open help menu Alt + H
Show and Hide Add-on bar Ctrl + /

Inside Webpages

Action Firefox Shortcuts
Scroll webpages up or down one line ↑ and ↓
Scroll webpages up or down one page Page Down and Page Up
Jump to beginning of webpage Home
Jump to end of webpage End
Jump to next link Tab
Jump to previous link Shift + Tab
Open selected link in current tab Enter
Open selected link in new foreground tab Shift + Ctrl + Enter
Open selected link in new background tab Ctrl + Enter
Open selected link in new window Shift + Enter
Download selected link Alt + Enter
Increase text size Ctrl + [ + ]
Decrease text size Ctrl + –
Default text size Ctrl + 0
Reload page Ctrl + R
Reload page with cache override Ctrl + F5
Stop loading page Esc
Select all Ctrl + A
Copy selected text Ctrl + C
Print Ctrl + P
Print preview Alt + F then V
Show page source Ctrl + U
Save page as Ctrl + S


Action Firefox Shortcut keys
Open quick find window Ctrl + F
Find next occurrence of search term Ctrl + G
Find previous occurrence of search term Ctrl + Shift + G
Close search window Esc

Firefox Windows

Action Firefox Shortcut keys
Open new browser window Ctrl + N
Close browser window Ctrl + Shift + W
Opens the title bar menu Alt + Space
Restore Window Alt + Space + Enter
Maximize window Alt + Space + X
Minimize window Alt + Space + N
Turn full page view on or off F11

Forms and Others

Action Firefox Shortcut keys
Jump to next form element Tab
Jump to previous form element Shift + Tab
Activate or deactivate radio buttons and check boxes Space
Select from a drop-down menu Alt + ↓
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Select previously used form entries ↑ or ↓
Delete previously used form entries Shift + Delete
Open or close webpage inspector Ctrl + Shift + I
Open java error console Ctrl + Shift + J
Firefox help F1

All the above shortcuts will help you to carry out the work at a faster pace. Just Like you studied Firefox shortcuts, you can have a look at the Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts. I would recommend that Firefox users should definitely learn this shortcut and improve their productivity, work at pace and become a Firefox Ninja Shortcut Expert.

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