Do you know about Coreldraw Shortcut keys? CorelDraw considered a vector-based software used to design logo and branding, etc. CorelDraw shortcut keys will allow you to control images, produce design and perform modeling tasks. The most interesting feature of CorelDraw is that the quality of the image is not lost even if the image is resized.

Complete list of Coreldraw Shortcut keys

The following Coreldraw Shortcut keys are the most used once. I have tried my best to help you with a complete list but might have even failed to. Download the Coreldraw Shortcut key in PDF Form.

General Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert
Cut Ctrl + X or Ctrl + Delete
Delete Delete
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Paste Ctrl + V
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Repeat Ctrl + R
Undo Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Backspace

File Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Export Ctrl + E
Import Ctrl + I
New document Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Exit Ctrl + F4

Font Formatting Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Bold Ctrl + B
Font list Ctrl + Shift + F
Font weight Ctrl + Shift + W
Italic Ctrl + I
Small Caps Ctrl + Shift + K
Underline Ctrl + U
Decrease font size Ctrl + Numpad 2
Font size Ctrl + Shift + P
HTML font size Ctrl + Shift + H
Increase font size Ctrl + Numpad 8
Next font combo size Ctrl + Numpad 6
Previous font combo size Ctrl + Numpad 4
Change case Shift + F3
Convert text Ctrl + F8

Object Nudge Commands Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Nudge Down
Nudge left
Nudge Right
Nudge Up
Super Nudge down Shift + ↓
Super Nudge left Shift + ←
Super Nudge right Shift + →
Super Nudge up Shift + ↑
Micro nudge down Shift + ↓

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Bullet text Ctrl + M
Center justify Ctrl + E
Convert text state Ctrl + F8
Apply drop cap Ctrl + Shift + D
Edit text Ctrl + Shift + T
Force justification Ctrl + H
Format text Ctrl + T
Full justify Ctrl + J
Horizontal text Ctrl + ,
Left justification Ctrl + L
No Justification Ctrl + N
Right Justification Ctrl + R

Zoom and Pan Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Navigator N
Hand tool H
Pan down Alt + ↓
Pan left Alt + ←
Pan up Alt + ↑
View manager Ctrl + F2
Zoom one shot F2
Zoom out F3
Zoom to all object F4
Zoom to page Shift + F4
Zoom to Selection Shift + F2

Toolbox Tool Selection Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Artistic Media tools I
Eraser Tool X
Ellipse tool F7
Toogle eyedropped Shift
Freehand tool F5
Graph paper tool D
Hand H
Interactive fill tool G
Mesh tool M
Polygon tool Y
Rectangle tool F6
Shape tool F10
Smart drawing tool S
Spiral tool A
Text tool F8
Toggle pick state Spacebar

Cursor Moves using Text tool Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Delete character to right Delete
Delete word to right Ctrl + Delete
Cursor down one frame Pagedown
Cursor down one line
Cursor left one paragraph Ctrl + ↓
Cursor left one character
Cursor left one word Ctrl + ←
Cursor right one character
Cursor right one word Ctrl + →
Cursor up one frame Page Up
Cursor up one line
Cursor up one paragraph Ctrl + ↑
Cursor to start of text Ctrl + Home
Cursor start of a line Home
Cursor to star of text Ctrl + page Up
Cursor to end of line End

Align Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Align bottom B
Align center page P
Align Horizontal center E
Align right R
Align Top T
Align Vertical Center C
Align to baseline Alt + F12

Dockers Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Contour Ctrl + F9
Envelope Ctrl + F7
Graphic and text style Ctrl + F5
Lens Alt + F3
Linear Dimensions Alt + F2
Object Proprties Alt + Enter
Position Alt + F7
Rotate Alt + F8
Scale and mirror Alt + F9
Size Alt + F10
Insert symbol and special characters Alt + F11
View manager Alt + F12
Symbols manager Alt + F6

Distribute Command Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Distribute bottom Shift + B
Distribute centers horizontally Shift + E
Distribute centers vertically Shift + C
Distribute left Shift + L
Distribute right Shift + R
Distribute spacing horizontally Shift + P
Distribute Spacing Vertically Shift + A
Distribute Top Shift + T

Others Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Full-screen preview F9
Refresh Window Ctrl + W
Toggle Display Shift + F9
Show nonprinting characters Ctrl + Shift + C
Open fountain fill dialog F11
Uniform fill dialog Shift + F11
Color balance Ctrl + Shift + B
Brightness/Intensity Ctrl + B
Hue/Saturation Ctrl + Shift + U
Next page Page Down
Previous Page Page Up

With the above list of shortcuts, you will be able to complete repeated tasks faster. Some shortcuts cover everything from vector illustration and page layout to photo editing and website design. I am not sure how much of your work was improved with these shortcuts but have saved your precious time.

The CorelDraw shortcut keys are used since it will save time, increase speed and efficiency. These shortcuts are used when you have a workload and want to work as a professional. With these shortcuts, CorelDraw becomes more flexible software. Check out the Adobe Illustrator shortcuts as well as Clip Paint studio shortcuts, they can be a good alternative to Corel Draw.

Note: Did you know there is a Corel Draw shortcut key application available on the play store for the android device.

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