A Civic 5 hotkey guide to help you find every key used in Civilization V. Civilization 5, also known as civic 5, is a multi-player video game. Keyboard shortcuts play a significant role while playing the multi-player as well as the strategy games.

List of Civic 5 Hotkeys

With Civic 5 hotkeys you can see a big difference in playing the game. Here the hotkeys help you a lot more because you are short of time while playing in strategy games. Instead of using the mouse for each move which ultimately slows you down use the Civic 5 hotkeys. Download the Civic 5 hotkeys in PDF form.

General Shortcuts

Action Civic 5 Hotkeys
Civilopedia F1
Economic info F2
Military info F3
Diplomacy info F4
Social policies screen F5
Tech screen F6
Notification log F7
Victory progress F8
Demographics F9
Strategic view F10
Quick save F11
Quick load F12
Hex grid G
Menu Esc
End turn Enter
Next unit .
Previous unit ,
Zoom in Page up
Zoom out Page Down
Show resources icons Ctrl + R
Yield icons Y
Game options Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Load Ctrl + L

Action hotkeys

Action Civic 5 Shortcuts
Delete unit Delete
Attack Ctrl + A
Ranged Ctrl + B
Set up artillery S
Fortify until healed H

Unit hotkeys

Action Civic 5 Shortcuts
Move mode M
Explore E
Alert A
Sleep F
Do nothing Spacebar

Civilian unit hotkeys

Action Civic 5 Shortcut keys
Found city B
Build improvements A
Construct a Road or Railroad R
Route to mode Alt + R
Remove a jungle Alt + C
Trading post T
Camp H
Farm I
Mine N
Plantation P
Quarry Q
Pasture P
Fort F
Citadel C
Create a wall O
Lumber mill L
Fishing boats F
Offshore platform O
Cancel last mission Backspace

Note: You can change the Civic 5 Shortcuts by going in the setting menu.

Since a lot of people search for Civic 5 Shortcut keys, I thought of sharing a list of it. The other games which are similar to Civic 5 also deal with hotkeys. Widelands hotkeys, Tanks of Freedom hotkeys, Endless Legend Hotkeys are some of the similar Civic 5 multi-player gaming.

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