Learn Camtasia Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are key or keys that come into play in order to perform a certain task in the software. Keyboard shortcuts are specially designed to reduce the stress of the users, to save time, to make working with software easier, and many more.

List of Camtasia Shortcuts

Are you looking for a software to help you with the screen recording? Then, you must have a look at the Camtasia software. With the help of Camtasia, you can record your own screen, edit and publish the videos. The major boost for this software is the introduction of shortcuts. Below is the list of all the Camtasia Shortcuts. Download the Camtasia Shortcuts PDF.

Manage Project Shortcuts

Action Camtasia Shortcuts
Create New Project Ctrl + N
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save project Ctrl + S
Produce and Share Ctrl + P
Import Media Ctrl + I

Camtasia Recorder Shortcuts

Action Camtasia Shortcuts
Record and Pause F9
Stop F10
Marker Ctrl + M
Screen Draw Ctrl + Shift + D

Standard Shortcuts

Action Camtasia Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select all Ctrl + A
Open help F1
Display System menu Alt + Space
Close tab Ctrl + F4

Editor Timeline Navigation Shortcuts

Action Camtasia Shortcuts
Previous Clip Ctrl + Alt + ←
Next Clip Ctrl + Alt + →
Step backward Ctrl + ←
Step Forward Ctrl + →
Zoom in Ctrl + Mouse wheel up
Zoom out Ctrl + Mouse wheel down
Zoom to fit Ctrl + F9
Zoom to maximum Ctrl + F11
Zoom to selection Ctrl + F10
Select next clip Ctrl + Shift + Alt + →
Select previous clip Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ←
Select between markers Ctrl + Shift + ]
Previous Marker Ctrl + [
Next Marker Ctrl + ]
Jump to end of timeline Ctrl + End
Jump to beginning of timeline Ctrl + Home

Editor Effects and elements Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts
Add callout C
Add Zoom Z
Add Caption A
Add Transition T
Add Marker M
Split S
Extend frame E

Screen Draw Shortcuts

Action Camtasia Shortcuts
enable screen draw Ctrl + Shift + D
Tool width 1…8
Shape – Frame F
Shape – Highlight H
Shape – Ellipse E
Shape – Pen P
Shape – Line L
Shape – Arrow A
Color – Black K
Color – Blue B
Color – Cyan C
Color – Green G
Color – Yellow Y
Color – White W
Color – Magenta M
Color – Red R

Camtasia is the best screen recording software for video tutorials, meeting recording, video lessons, etc. The various features that Camtasia provides other than screen recording, editing and publishing are: adding effects, Add music or Audio, add titles, callouts, zoom, transitions, import presentations, etc.

Camtasia consist of two major components:

  1. Camtasia Recorder: to record screen audio and video.
  2. Camtasia editor: to edit the recorded video, to enhance the video.

Camtasia is a very handy and simpler compared to other professional software like Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve. Check out for the Shotcut keyboard shortcuts and DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts.

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