Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts and commands help you to work faster and more efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or an Inventor Pro expert, these shortcuts will make working straight forward. Autodesk Inventor has numerous useful tools and these shortcuts will help you to control the work.

List of Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts

Who doesn’t want to work faster and be a pro in the software they use regularly? With these shortcuts, you can annotate, analyze, search, view, and add a contextual element and much more. I do ensure that the above shortcuts will assist you in easy and smooth functioning. Download the Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts PDF.

General Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Select all Ctrl + A
Find Ctrl + F
New File Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Save Ctrl + S
Cut Ctrl + X
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Delete Delete
Rename F2
Exit Quit

Function key

Action Inventor Shortcuts
Help F1
Pan F2
Zoom selected F3
Rotate F4
Previous view F5
Home view F6
Slice graphics F7
Show all constrains F8
Hide all constrains F9
Sketch visibility F10

View Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcuts
User work plane visibility Alt + ]
User work points visibility Alt + .
User work axes visibility Alt + /
Origin points visibility Ctrl + .
Origin plane visibility Ctrl + ]
Origin axes visibility Ctrl + /
Switch screen Ctrl + 0
Degrees of freedom Ctrl + Shift + E
IMate Glyph Ctrl + Shift + Q
Steering wheels Ctrl + W
Zoom selected End
Zoom all Home
Look at a selected entity Page Up
Zoom window Shift + F3
Next view Shift + F5

Cable and Harness Hotkeys

Action Inventor Shortcuts
Automatic route AR
Check bend radius BR
Broken sketch entity BS
Connector authoring CA
Create cable CC
Create fold CF
Create ribbon cable CR
Create segment CS

Sketch Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcuts
Equal =
Ortho mode Ctrl + R
Dynamic dimension Ctrl + D
Snap object Ctrl + Shift + P
Infer constraints Ctrl + I

Tools Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcuts
Macros Alt + F8
Visual Basic Editor Alt + F11
Switch browser pane forward Alt + A
Switch Browser pane backward Alt + S
Cancle Esc

Work features Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcut keys
Grounded work point ;
Work axis /
Work plane ]
Work point .

Annotation Hotkeys

Action Autodesk Inventor Shortcut keys
Caterpillar CAT
Centerline CL
Datum identifier DM
End fill EF
feature control frame F
Feature identifier symbol FI
Hole table features HTF
Hole table selection HTS
Leader text LE
Parts list PL
Revision tag RT
Surface texture symbol ST
Revision table RTB
Symbols SY
Text T
Table TB

Assembly Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcut keys
Mate Constarint Alt + cursor
Replace Ctrl + H
Promote Shift + Tab
Open drawing Ctrl + D
Toggle transparent state Alt + T
Visibility Alt + V

Others Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts

Action Inventor Shortcut keys
New sheet Ctrl + Shift + N
Leader text Ctrl + Shift + T
Create drawing view Alt + C
Chamfer Ctrl + Shift + K
Loft Ctrl + Shift + L
Mirror Ctrl + Shift + M
Circular pattern Ctrl + Shift + O
Rectangular pattern Ctrl + Shift + R
Sweep Ctrl + Shift + S

Working with Autodesk Inventor would be much easier if you have already worked with AutoCAD. Autodesk Inventor to are used to create 3Dmechnical designs and prototypes of the product. The new and improved features of Autodesk Inventory increase workflow collaborate better and new professional-grade tools.

Also, you can try the full version of Autodesk Inventor as it is available for free and then you can consider to buy it. If it suits your budget you can buy it or you can check for the Autodesk Inventor Alternatives. After knowing Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts, also have a look at another Autodesk software i.e. 3d’s Max Shortcuts.

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