Manage Drawings

Action Shortcuts
New Drawing Ctrl + N
Save Drawing Ctrl + S
Open Drawing Ctrl + O
Plot dialog box Ctrl + P
Switch to next drawing Ctrl + Tab
Switch to previous drawing Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to next tab in current drawing Ctrl + Page Up
Switch to previous tab in current drawing Ctrl + Page Down
Exit Ctrl + Q
Select all objects Ctrl + A

Manage Screen

Action Shortcuts
Clear Screen Ctrl + 0
Property palette Ctrl + 1
Design center palette Ctrl + 2
Tool palette Ctrl + 3
Sheet set palette Ctrl + 4
DB connect manager Ctrl + 6
Markup set manager palette Ctrl + 7
Quick calc Ctrl + 8
Comment line Ctrl + 9

Toggle Drawing Modes

Action Shortcuts
Object snap mode F3
Grid mode F7
Ortho mode F8
Snap mode F9
Polar mode F10
Object snap tracking F11
Dynamic input mode F12

Manage Workflow

Action Shortcuts
Copy object Ctrl + C
Cut object Ctrl + X
Paste object Ctrl + V
Copy to clipboard with base point Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste data as block Ctrl + Shift + V
Undo lat action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Cancel current command Ctrl + [

General Features

Action Shortcuts
Toggle coordinate display Ctrl + D
Toggle Grid Ctrl + G
Cycle isometric planes Ctrl + E
Toggle running object snaps Ctrl + F
Toggle Pick style Ctrl + H
Toggle hide pallets Ctrl + Shift + H
Toggle coords Ctrl + I
Toggle Infer constraints Ctrl + Shift + I

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