Do you know about Audacity Shortcuts? Audacity a free audio recording and editing program. Audacity is my go-to tool for recording audio for online tutorials. Audacity is simple as well as effective when used along with its shortcuts. My intention here is to list you with the Audacity shortcuts that would encourage you to use this software more.

List of Audacity Shortcuts

Below is the list of most of the Audacity Shortcuts. You can also download Audacity Shortcuts in PDF. Shorten this list with the only those shortcuts which are used by you the most. As you get experienced with this software, the Audacity shortcuts will be at your fingertips.

File Menu - Audacity Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Close Ctrl + W
Save Ctrl + S
Import Audio Ctrl + Shift + I
Export Audio Ctrl + Shift + E
Export multiple Ctrl + Shift + L
Exit Ctrl + Q

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcuts
Zoom in Ctrl + 1
Zoom normal Ctrl + 2
Zoom Out Ctrl + 3
Zoom to selection Ctrl + E
Fit in window Ctrl + F
Fit verically Ctrl + Shift + F
Go to selection start Ctrl + [
Go to selection end Ctrl + ]
Collapse all tracks Ctrl + Shift + C
Expand collapsed tracks Ctrl + Shift + X
Full screen on/off F11

Edit Menu Shortcuts #1

Action Audacity Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste text as new label Ctrl + Alt + V
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Select all Ctrl + A
Select none Ctrl + Shift + A
Preferences Ctrl + P
Selection to start Shift + Home
Selection to end Shift + End
Delete keys Backspace, Delete
selection extend left Shift + ←
selection extend right Shift + →
selection contract right Ctrl + Shift + →
selection contract left Ctrl + Shift + ←
Cursor short jump left ,
Cursor short jump right .
Cursor long jump left Shift + ,
Cursor long jump right Shift + .
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Ctrl + K
Remove Special – Split cut Ctrl + Alt + X
Remove Special – Split delete Ctrl + Alt + K
Remove Special – Silence audio Ctrl + L
Remove Special – Time audio Ctrl + T
Clip Boundaries – Split Ctrl + I
Clip Boundaries – Split New Ctrl + Alt + I
Clip Boundaries – Join Ctrl + J
Clip Boundaries – detach at silence Ctrl + Alt + J

Edit Menu Shortcuts #2

Action Audacity Keyboard Shortcuts
Labeled audio – Cut Alt + X
Labeled audio – Delete Alt + K
Labeled audio – Split cut Shift + Alt + X
Labeled audio – Split delete Shift + Alt + K
Labeled audio – Silence Audio Alt + L
Labeled audio – Copy Shift + Alt + C
Labeled audio – Split Alt + I
Labeled audio – Join Alt + J
Labeled audio – Detach at silences Ctrl + Alt + A

Tools Toolbar Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcuts
Selection tool F1
Envelope tool F2
Draw tool F3
Zoom tool F4
Time Shift tool F5
Multi-tool F6
Next-tool D
Previous tool A

Transport Menu Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcut keys
Play and Stop Spacebar
Loop play Shift + Space
Pause P
Skip to start Home
Skip to end End
Record R
Timer record Shift + T
Append record Shift + R
Move cursor to next label Alt + →
Move cursor to previous label Alt + ←
Play one second 1
Play to selection B
Play cut preview C
Play short period before selection start Shift + F5
Play short period after selection start Shift + F6
Play short period before selection end Shift + F7
Play short period after selection end Shift + F8
Play short period before and after selection start Ctrl + Shift + F5
Play short period before and after selection end Ctrl + Shift + F7

Audio Track Dropdown Menu Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcuts
Open menu on focused track Shift + M
Mute/Unmute focused track Shift + U
Solo/Unsolo focused track Shift + S
Change gain on focused track Shift + G
Increase gain on focused track Alt + Shift + ↑
Decrease gain on focused track Alt + Shift + ↓
Pan left on focused track Alt + Shift + ←
Pan right on focused track Alt + Shift + →
Change pan on focused track Shift + P

Others Shortcuts

Action Audacity Shortcut keys
Repeat last effect Ctrl + R
Contrast Ctrl + Shift + T
Change Audio Host Shift + N
Change Playback device Shift + O
Change recording device Shift + I
Change recording channels Shift + N

Audacity shortcuts will optimize your work and save your time. Learn these shortcuts as and when the time permits you and it will improve your work efficiency.

The limitation that Audacity faces is that it lacks equalizer controls and real time effects while recording. There is much more to explore in Audacity when you add plug-ins to it. Well, Adobe Audition can be a great alternative to Audacity. Check out the Adobe Audition shortcuts here.

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