Learn Android Studio Shortcuts. The most common question we ask our own self while working on any of the software is: Are we using the software up to productivity and efficiency? Well, my answer to the above question would be NO!

Top 20 Android Studio Shortcuts

Learning all the shortcuts of various software is not an easy task. But mastering the shortcuts for the most used software will be a good starting point in increasing your productivity. After learning this the next suggestion would be to have a look at Adobe XD Shortcuts for Windows and Mac.


Action Android Studio Shortcuts
Go to file Ctrl + Shift + N
Navigate open tabs Alt + ←/→
Lookup recent files Ctrl + E
Go to line Ctrl + G
Navigate to last edit location Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Go to declaration Ctrl + B
Go to implementation Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to Source F4
Go to Super Class Ctrl + U
Show call hierarchy Ctrl + Alt + H
Search in path/project Ctrl + Shift + F
Reformat code Ctrl + Alt + L
Optimize imports Ctrl + Alt + O
Code Completion Ctrl + Space
Issue quick fix Alt + Enter
Surround code block Ctrl + Alt + T
Rename and refactor Shift + F6
Line comment or Uncomment Ctrl + /
Block comment or Uncomment Ctrl + Shift + /
Go to previous method Alt + ↑
Go to Next method Alt + ↓
Show parameters for method Ctrl + P
Quick documentation lookup Ctrl + Q
Delete line Ctrl + Y
Safe Delete Alt + Delete
Close active tab Ctrl + F4
Build and Run Shift + F10
Build Ctrl + F9
All Purpose Ctrl + Shift + A
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Save Ctrl + S
Open Ctrl + O
Find Ctrl + F
Find and Replace Ctrl + H

Android Studio is the software most often used by me and bringing out maximum productivity is my focus. In order to maximize productivity, I have listed down the Android Studio Shortcuts. The Android Studio Shortcuts will not only reduce the usage of working with a mouse but will also help in becoming faster.

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