As developers use Android Emulator shortcuts more than the mouse to test the android application. Android Emulator will motivate the use of mobile phones on the computer. The test is being conducted to see whether a particular app performs well across all the Android ranges without using a physical device for testing. The testing is done at a faster pace when compared with Physical device.

List of Android Emulator Shortcuts

A table with a list of complete Android Emulator shortcuts will not only master the usage of Android Emulator but also make your life easier. Download the Android Emulator Shortcuts in the PDF form.

Main Device keys

Action Android Emulator Shortcut keys
Home button Home
Back button Esc
Menu F2
Start button Shift + F2
Dial Button F3
End call button F4
Search button F5

Other Device keys

Action Android Emulator Shortcut keys
Volume Up Ctrl + F5
Volume Down Ctrl + F6
Power button F7
Camera button Ctrl + F3
Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape backward Ctrl + F11
Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape forward Ctrl + F12
Toggle cell network F8
Toggle code profiling F9
Toggle fullscreen mode Alt + Enter
Toggle trackball mode F6
Enter trackball mode while keys is pressed Delete
Dialpad left 4
Dialpad up 8
Dialpad right 6
Dialpad down 2
Dialpad center 5

The above list of Android Emulator shortcuts is considered as a tip to increase the speed of testing the application and working with it. Also, gain some precious time that can be utilized for a more powerful and meaningful purpose. Android Emulator is a smart and suited emulator that allows advanced code completion and code analysis.

Due to certain limitation that Android Emulator lacks people search for its alternative. Limitations like USB connection, Input for Camera or video, failing to determine SD card and much more. Hence Android developers do use Android Studio and ArchiCAD software. Check out for Android Studio shortcuts as well as ArchiCAD studio shortcuts.

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