Do you know about Adobe Reader Shortcuts. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software developed by Adobe. It is the most trusted software for viewing, printing signing and annotating PDFs.

List of Adobe Reader Shortcuts

Adobe Reader shortcuts save your time in performing a task such as: signing documents, store and print files, work with scanned documents, work with others, share PDF and much more. Download the Adobe Reader Shortcuts to save time and improve your work efficiency.

General Shortcuts

Action Reader Shortcuts
Use hand tools H
Use select tools V
Use snapshot tools G
Document properties Ctrl + D
Save a copy Ctrl + Shift + S
Print page menu Ctrl + P
Open file Ctrl + O
Close current document Ctrl + W
Exit Ctrl + Q
Find box Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Reader Shortcuts
Scroll down
Scroll up
Jump one screen down Page Down
Jump one screen up Page Up
Jump to beginning of a document Ctrl + Home
Jump to end of a document Ctrl + End
Jump one page down Ctrl + Page Down
Jump one page up Ctrl + Page Up
Jump to next page visited page Alt + ←
Jump to next page Alt + →
Go to page number specified Ctrl + Shift + N
Turn automatic scrolling on or off Ctrl + Shift + H

Zoom Shortcuts

Action Reader Shortcuts
Zoom in Ctrl + [ + ]
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 1
Zoom to fit page Ctrl + 0
Zoom to fit width Ctrl + 2
Zoom to fit visible Ctrl + 3
Easily readable Ctrl + 4
Magnification specific part Ctrl + Y

Change View Shortcuts

Action Reader Shortcuts
Show or Hide menu F9
SShow or Hide Toolbar F8
Show or Hide naviagtion pane F4
Turn full screen mode on or off Ctrl + L
Reading mode on or off Ctrl + H
Rotate page counter clockwise Ctrl + Shift + –
Rotate page clockwise Ctrl + Shift + [ + ]


  1. It is necessary to have Adobe Reader 10 or higher version installed in your device if you are not able to edit the Application Form in PDF Format.
  2. Adobe Reader DC is considered the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Check out the Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts.
  3. Alt + Left is an Adobe Reader shortcuts for the Previous View and is one of my favorite Adobe Reader shortcuts.

Adobe Reader gives you enough shortcuts to work with. Adobe free remains one of the best PDF reading software to beat. Also, check out for the Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional Shortcuts.

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