Learn Adobe Audition Shortcuts. Adobe Audition can be used with more perfection and optimization when used with Adobe Premiere (the editing tool) and Adobe After Effects (the graphics and animation tool). The Adobe Audition Shortcuts is designed to speed up music production.

List of Adobe Audition Shortcuts

Below is the list of the shortcut of Adobe Audition both for Windows and Mac. These shortcuts are listed in the group in order to make learning easy. They are grouped into General Operational Shortcuts, Mixing Tracks Shortcuts, Editing Operational shortcuts, Marker Shortcuts, and Tools shortcuts. You can even have them downloaded into the PDF here.

General Operations Shortcuts

Action Adobe Audition Shortcuts windows Adobe Audition Shortcuts Mac
Start/Stop playback Spacebar Spacebar
Set time indicator to beginning Home Home
Set time indicator to end End End
Switch Waveform/Multitrack editor 8 8
Set time indicator to previous marker/clip Ctrl + ← Command + ←
Set time indicator to next marker/clip Ctrl + → Command + →
Toggle Preference for return cti to start position Shift + X Shift + X
Zoom in horizontally = =
Zoom in vertically Alt + = Option + =
Zoom out horizontally
Zoom out vertically Alt + – Option + –

Mixing Tracks Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Select the same input/output for all audio track Ctrl + Shift + Select Command + Shift + Select
Activate or deactivate mute/solo/record tracks Ctrl + Shift + Click Command + Shift + Click
Adjust Knob in large increment Shift + Drag Shift + Drag
Adjust knob in small increment Ctrl + Drag Command + Drag
Maintain time position Shift + Drag Shift + Drag
Reposition envelop segment without Key-frame Ctrl + Drag Command + Drag
Nudge Selected clip to left Alt + , Option + ,
Nudge Selected clip to right Alt + Period Option + Drag

Editing Operations Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Repeat previous command with clicking OK Shift + R Shift + R
Repeat previous command with not clicking OK Ctrl + R Command + R
Open Convert sample type dialog box Shift + T Shift + T
Capture noise reduction profile Shift + P Shift + P
Activate left channel for editing
Activate right channel for editing
Make display more logarithmic Ctrl + Alt + ↑ Command + Option + ↑
Make display more linear Ctrl + Alt + ↓ Command + Option + ↓
Make display full logarithmic Ctrl + Alt + Page Up Command + Option + Page Up
Make display full linear Ctrl + Alt + Page Down Command + Option + Page Down
Increase spectral resolution Shift + Ctrl + ↑ Shift + Command + ↑
Decrease spectral resolution Shift + Ctrl + ↓ Shift + Command + ↓
Repeat last command Ctrl + R Command + R

Marker Shortcuts

Action Adobe Audition Shortcuts windows Adobe Audition Shortcuts Mac
Add marker M M
Move to next marker Ctrl + Alt + → Command + Option + →
Move to previous marker Ctrl + Alt + ← Command + Option + ←
Clip gain Ctrl + G Command + G
Split Ctrl + K Command + K
Delete Selected marker Ctrl + 0 Command + 0
Delete All Marker Ctrl + Alt + 0 Command + Option + 0
Rename selected marker / /

General and Tool Shortcuts

Action Adobe Audition Shortcuts – Windows Adobe Audition Shortcuts – Mac
Select all Ctrl + A Command + A
Deselect All Ctrl + Shift + A Command + Shift + A
Spot Healing Brush B B
Ripple delete selected clip Shift + Backspace Shift + Delete
Time selection in selected clip Alt + Backspace Option + Delete
Time selection in all track Ctrl + Alt + Backspace Command + Option + Delete
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Copy to new Alt + Shift + C Option + Shift + C
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Lasso selection tool D D
Delete Delete /
Mark selection tool E E
Edit original Ctrl + E Command + E
Clear time selection Esc Esc

I do bet there are a lot more Adobe Audition Shortcuts than the one added above. These loads of shortcuts will make editing more efficient. And also there is no doubt why Adobe Audition is considered as the best audio clean-up tool.

The Adobe Audition Shortcuts will help you to have a look at multiple areas that are worth considering attention. Accessing all these multiple areas quickly through the shortcuts will help you to carry the work efficiently. Also, you would like to learn the Adobe Premiere Shortcuts and Adobe After Effects that will amaze you.

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