Learn Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts. Adobe Acrobat Pro converts scanned documents, PDF documents, as well as image documents, into editable documents. The Adobe Acrobat Pro are used by large number of people. There are many time saving shortcuts which are not easy to locate.

List of Adobe Acrobat Shorcuts

The Adobe Acrobat Pro not only helps us to read and edit file but also include comments in text, shape and audio. Willing to learn Adobe InDesign Shortcuts.

The number of Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcut keys is more. However, we have tried our best to help you out with amazing and most used Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts in order to save time while creating or editing PDF.

Accessibility Shortcuts

Action Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts
Change reading settings Shift + Ctrl + 5
Reflow a tagged PDF Ctrl + 4
Activate/Deactivate Read out loud Shift + Ctrl + Y
Read current page loud Shift + Ctrl + V
Pause reading out loud Shift + Ctrl + C
Stop reading out loud Shift + Ctrl + E

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts
Move focus to menus F10
Move focus to toolbar in browser and application Shift + F8
Select a highlighted control in the top bar Enter/Space
Move to next open document Ctrl + F6
Move to previous open document Ctrl + Shift + F6
Close current document Ctrl + F4
Move to focus to next comment, link Tab
Move focus to document pane F5
Open context menu Shift + F10
Close context menu F10
Return to hand tool or select tool Esc
Move focus to next tab Ctrl + Tab
Move to previous search result Shift + F3
Move to next search result F3
Search previous document Alt + Shift + ←
Search next document Alt + Shift + →
Select text Shift + Arrow keys
Select next word Shift + Ctrl + →
Deselect previous word Shift + Ctrl + ←

Tools Shortcuts

Action Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts
Hand Tool H
Temporarily select hand tool Space
Select Tool V
Marquee Zoom tool Z
Cycle through zoom tools Shift + Z
Temporarily select Dynamic zoom tool Shift
Temporarily zoom out Ctrl
Temporarily select zoom in tool Ctrl + Space
Select object tool R
Edit object tool O
Enter/Exit forms editing A
Crop tool C
Link tool L
Text field tool F
3D tool M
Edit document text tool T
Redaction Shift + Y
Java script Debugger Ctrl + J
Insert Blank pages tool Shift + Ctrl + T
Insert Files Ctrl + Shift + I
Delete pages Ctrl + Shift + D
Open output preview ~
Touch up reading order tool Shift + Ctrl + U

Navigating a PDF Shortcuts

Action Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts
Previous screen Page Up
Next Screen Page Down
First page Home
Last page End
Previous page Ctrl + Page up
Next page Ctrl + Page Down
Previous open document Ctrl + F6
Next open document Shift + Ctrl + F6
Scroll up
Scroll down
Scroll – when hand tool is selected Space
Zoom in Ctrl + =
Zoom out Ctrl + –

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Open and move to navigation pane Ctrl + Shift + F5
Move focus among thee document F6
Move focus to previous pane Shift + F6
Move among the elements of the active panel Tab
Expand the current bookmark
Collapse the current bookmark
Expand all bookmarks Shift + *
Collapse selected bookmark /
Move focus to next item
Move focus to previous item

Navigating the Help Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Open Help window F1
Close Help window Ctrl + W
Move back to previously opened topic Alt + ←
Move forward to next topic Alt + →
Move to next pane Ctrl + Tab
Move to previous pane Shift + Ctrl + Tab
Move focus to the next link within a pane Tab
Move focus to the previous link within a pane Shift + Tab
Activate highlighted link Enter
Print Help topic Ctrl + P

Comments Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Sticky Note Tool S
Text edit tool E
Stamp tool K
Current highlighting tool U
Current drawing markup tool D
Cloud tool Q
Text Box tool X
Current stamp or Attach tool J
Cycle through stamp Shift + J
Move focus to next comment Tab
Move focus to previous comment Shift + Tab
Open pop-up note Enter
Close pop-up Esc

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