Download Ableton shortcuts PDF. Do you ever wish to save a ridiculous amount of time to finish a track? Then, there one thing that you can learn to solve the problem. The Ableton 10 Keyboard shortcuts. On using the same function over and over again while producing a song, these shortcuts save more time.

I did read in a study that you can save up to 64 hours per year if you start using all the below Ableton Shortcuts. Imagine how much more you can do in those 64 hours. More than learning you should also enjoy learning these shortcuts. Download all the Ableton Shortcuts in the PDF form.

Show and Hide Results

Action Ableton Shortcuts
Toggle full screen mode F11
Toggle second window Ctrl + Shift + W
Toggle session view Tab
Toggle Device Shift + Tab
Toggle Hot-swap mode Q
Toggle last selected pad D
Show/Hide Info view Shift + ?
Show/Hide Browser Ctrl + Alt + B
Show/Hide Overview Ctrl + Alt + O
Show/Hide in and out Ctrl + Alt + I
Show/Hide sends Ctrl + Alt + S
Show/Hide Mixer Ctrl + Alt + M
Open the preferences Ctrl + ,


Action Ableton Shortcuts
Scroll down
Scroll up
Close folders
Open folders
Load selected item from browser Enter
Preview selected file Shift + Enter
Search Ctrl + F
Jump to search results


Action Ableton Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Delete Delete
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Rename Ctrl + R
Select all Ctrl + A

Adjusting values and Transport

Action Ableton Shortcuts
finer resolution for dragging Ctrl
Return to default Delete
above value entry Esc
Confirm value entry Enter
Type in value 0……9
Play from start marker Space
Continue play from stop point Shift + Space
Play arrangement view selection space
Move insert marker to beginning Home
Record F9
Back to arrangement F10

Session view controls

Action Ableton Shortcuts
launch selected clip Enter
Select all clip Ctrl + A
Copy clips Ctrl + Drag
Add/Remove stop button Ctrl + E
Insert MIDI clip Ctrl + Shift + M
Insert scene Ctrl + I
Insert captured scene Ctrl + Shift + I

Arrangement view controls

Action Ableton Shortcut keys
Split clip at selection Ctrl + E
Consolidate selection into clip Ctrl + J
Create fade Ctrl + Alt + F
Loop selection Ctrl + L
Insert silence Ctrl + I
Scroll display to follow playback Ctrl + Shift + F

Controls for Tracks

Action Ableton Shortcut keys
Insert Audio Track Ctrl + T
Insert MIDI Track Ctrl + Shift + T
Insert Return Track Ctrl + Alt + T
Rename selected track Ctrl + R
Group selected tracks Ctrl + G
Ungroup tracks Ctrl + Shift + G
Show grouped tracks +
Hide grouped tracks

Grid snapping and drawing

Action Ableton Shortcuts
Toggle Draw mode B
Narrow Grid Ctrl + 1
Widen grid Ctrl + 2
Triplet grid Ctrl + 3
Snap to grid Ctrl + 4
Adaptive grid Ctrl + 5
Bypass snapping while dragging Alt

Global Quantization

Action Ableton Shortcut keys
Sixteenth-Note Quantization Ctrl + 6
Eight-Note Quantization Ctrl + 7
Quarter-Note Quantization Ctrl + 8
1-bar Quantization Ctrl + 9
Quantization off Ctrl + 0

Working with sets and the program

Action Ableton Shortcuts
New live set Ctrl + N
Open live set Ctrl + O
Save live set Ctrl + S
Save live set as Ctrl + Shift + S
Quit live Ctrl + Q
Hide live Ctrl + H
Export audio and video Ctrl + Shift + R
Export MIDI file Ctrl + Shift + E

All these shortcuts will save you valuable time during the production session. Shortcuts are one of the ways through which you can surcharge the workflow. Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner learning these shortcuts will help in getting familiar with Ableton 10.

With Ableton Live 10 you can get complete control over your music. Saving time will also help you to pump out some fantastic tunes. With these shortcuts, you can write, edit, record and mix Ableton Live music files in your devices.

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