What are 3D Coat Shortcuts? As you know that 3D Coat is a software for painting 3D Objects. 3D Coat is available for a trial version of 30 days and has some limitations whereas the paid version is for $99. 3D Coat is divided into a wide range of tools, functions, and commands that are needed for the development of each phase.

List of 3D Coat Shortcuts

Use the 3D Coat shortcuts to create free shape 3-d fashion from scratch, to sculpt, to create UV maps, textures and much more. Download the 3D Coat Shortcuts in PDF Form, so that you can learn them even without an internet connection.

File and Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
Open file Ctrl + O
Save file Ctrl + S
Save file as Ctrl + Alt + S
Import model Ctrl + Shift + O
Import image plane Ctrl + Shift + M
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Edit all layers Ctrl + P
Edit projection in external editor Ctrl + Alt + P
Offset tool Ctrl + Shift + F
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Creation of a new pen from a site Ctrl + Shift + C
pick color V
pick layor H

View Menu Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
view relief only 1
view unshaded model 2
View only specular 3
View wireframe 4
View shaded model 5
View low-only model 6
View low shaded model 7
Show 2D Grid Ctrl + ‘

Layers Operations Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
Add new layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Delete layer Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Erase unfrozen Delete
Fill Unfrozen Insert
Fill by mask Ctrl + Insert
Duplicate layer Ctrl + Shift + D
Merge visible layers Ctrl + Shift + E
Merge Down Ctrl + E

Sliders Setting Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
decrease opacity O
Increase opacity P
Decrease angle 9
Increase angle 0
Decrease radius [
Increase radius ]
Decrease degree
Increase degree +
Decrease smooth degree Shift + –
Increase smooth degree Shift + +
Decrease specular opacity ;
Increase specular opacity
Decrease specular degree <
Increase specular degree >
swap colors X

Freeze Operations Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcut keys
Switch freeze view Alt + F
Show/Hide freeze Ctrl + F
Freeze border Ctrl + /
Expand frozen area Ctrl + +
Contract frozen area Ctrl + –
Unfreeze all Ctrl + D
Invert freeze Ctrl + Shift + I
Smooth freezing Ctrl + *

Splines Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcut keys
Add point to spline LMB
Draw extruded curve Enter
Pressed in one Ctrl + Enter
Delete all point Esc
Delete the last point Backspace

PopUps Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcut keys
Color Picker B
Pick pivot point F
Show layer list L
Show tools panel Spacebar
depth Channel D
Color Channel C
Specular Channel R
List of pens T
List of materials M
Types of drawing E
Quick panel ~
Symmetry S

Camera and Custom Navigation Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
Front 2
Back 8
Left 4
Right 6
Top 7
Bottom 1
Add Camera shortcut Ctrl + ↑
Delete Camera shortcut Ctrl + ↓
Switch to previous shortcut Ctrl + ←
Switch to next shortcut Ctrl + →

Other Shortcuts

Action 3d Coat Shortcuts
Unhide all Ctrl + X
Expand hidden area +
Contract hidden area
Increase level of smoothing Shift + Wheel Up
Decrease level of smoothing Shift + Wheel Down
Increase opacity of specularity /
Decrease opacity of specularity ;
Increase transperancy of texture P
decrease transperancy of texture O

The above shortcuts will help you to save your time in a day, generate speed in using the software, deliver the work on time, and impress your boss. Learning shortcuts will not only impress your boss but also the colleagues you work along. Do you know that you can work with Photoshop along with 3D Coat? Well, yes you can work if you save the file in .psd format. Check out for the Adobe Photoshop shortcuts as well.

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